Yosemite National Park

Yellowstone the Black Hills of South Dakota Grand Teton the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park are the real characters for many of Hollywood’s best American adventures. I just enjoy the scenery the Grand Tetons, and then we see Bryce Canyon we see Zion who’s a Grand Canyon, and then you see up in the Lake Powell area Monument Valley.

Yosemite National Park Photo Gallery

I mean, it’s just an amazing part of the world things just always get more beautiful every day we got real close to an elk yesterday it was beautiful. I’ve never seen an elk before the Bison we were really close to the Bison also, and seeing babies nurse ready to go another day beautiful day in parks is there an epic adventure in America’s national parks for you we are going to Yellowstone to Old Faithful, and going to see some wonderful sights today Yellowstone is widely believed to be the first national park in the world it was established by the US Congress, and signed into law by president ulysses s grant on March st when we talk about thermophiles basically what these are these are key clothing microorganisms the bacteria that lives within these mineral springs in hats, and then what gives these Springs all of their beautiful colors Oh tim is wonderful he does a great job yes taking a joist, and put your shows they get to travel. I get to see great places.

I get to be with great people and I’m always learning, it’s always something new all right. So folks we’re gonna see what we can say here in a moment the big Jam way up there one o’clock position, it’s bare rock garages. I smell then we try to make you realize some of the things that are very relevant to the areas that you visit, and to help give you a better connection to some of the problems that they faced yesterday we have mentioned about the looks, and the reintroduction of the Wolves into the park that is a big issue on one hand it makes sense for the ecology of this park on the other hand, it’s. How they migrate outside of the park, and How the affected people especially ranchers to get these groups out here the NA, and they see this, and they hear these issues that are very relevant it pulls them in, and that’s what we want to do and So as the water cools down depending on the temperature changes different thermophiles or different colors Yellowstone has more geysers, and hot springs than anywhere else on earth with half of the world’s geothermal features these are the most diverse, and intact group of geysers Hot Springs mud pots, and fumaroles on the planet fountain paint pots, and all.

I see is bubbling why is that bubbling because, it’s hot but yes gasps all right something. I’ve never seen in my life. How does this happen you know, it’s amazing. This is a photographer’s dream, and to see the scenery of guys’ experience magnitude you just hit describe to wonderful is different than any place that.

I’ve been Wow that’s some. So that wonderful building that’s the Old Faithful Inn, it’s considered the world’s largest log cabin or structure with a roof of up to feet high as you can see, it’s gigantic the amount of craftsmanship that actually went into this place to construct the building like this the interesting part is the unexpected just being able to see nature, and then look at your left look at your right mountains valleys on this remarkable overland journey through the national parks of the western United States in South Dakota Wyoming Montana Utah Arizona, and Colorado you see firsthand the picturesque beauty this country has to offer.

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