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Hey from Rome I am right now packing everything to head to Athens it’s really early in the morning it was like 4:30. So, I’m a little little tired. But really excited to be going to Greece hello I have just gotten into my Airbnb in Athens, and I love it in Greece already it was a beautiful flight. Because we flew the whole time just over the water in the mountains also Athens right now the weather is like summer, and as soon as I got out of the train station I just felt like it was summer finally. Because these European countries have been a little too cold for my Miami self. So here it is like summer finally and, I’m so excited, and it smells like summer, and it’s sunny, and gorgeous outside.

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So it’s still kind of early afternoon. So, I’m actually gonna be able to go out, and do some exploring, and I feel really good about exploring the city when I got this Airbnb it just said that it’s a studio, and didn’t really have that many pictures. But when I got in it’s actually really big, and I have all this room I have this bedroom I have a kitchen I why am i walking this way okay I have a nice room here, and I have a whole kitchen, and a whole pink bathroom. So anyway it’s a great day. So far, and I am going to go, and explore a little bit of Athens now okay let’s go okay. So the view of the Acropolis like right away as I was walking it is so gorgeous here, and I love how warm it is, and how nice the air is so similarly to Rome there are ruins here at least where, I’m walking absolutely everywhere, and just kind of scattered in the general path of things, and you just walk, and you see them, and they’re right there just a few feet away from you which is just I still can’t really get over that or get used to it. But unlike in Rome the ruins here are very overgrown, and everything has this very wild feel to it everything kind of has just been left more natural.

I’m not sure which way is better to put the ruins between behind fences, and really protect them, and don’t let anything near them or to just let them naturally get a little more overgrown like they are here. But it’s really a beautiful, I’m coming up on the Acropolis now I think. Because I did it is absolutely gorgeous I’ve just been sitting here relaxing for a while, and with this a gorgeous view, and it is amazing, and I didn’t notice here great start to my time in Athens that was absolutely incredible those views that was so beautiful, I’m so glad I found that now I don’t know where, I’m heading somewhere through this forest with ruins you I am now at rate cafe having coffee, and with this great view of the Acropolis I don’t know why, I’m drinking hot coffee Coffee Cheers then it’s too hot, and then I could play fucking now nowhere in particular I think I might actually go back to my Airbnb. Because I am pretty tired just from my flight couldn’t actually go into the Acropolis right now. Because they closed.

But I will be going tomorrow. So that’ll be great I am reading the sunset from the balcony of my Airbnb. So pretty it’s a great way to end the day here in Athens and, I’m so excited about exploring more tomorrow that, I’ll say bye first night. So see you tomorrow night Oh.

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