HEY everybody I’m little bit sleepy I think I had too much coffee last night’s week sorry castle I am excited for the. But again not Weinstein I think yeah we’re going to that castle today, and we’ve woke up a little bit earlier than normal, and we’re gonna go, and head down for breakfast first, and then we’re gonna have a really big breakfast to meet you, and as a full, and then we’re gonna go head out to that castle which takes about two hours on the trains alright all trails on a trying to get to fussen to see me not fulsome which is a little town next to up, and then I think you’re saying if to catch up don’t pass or something or have a look maybe, I’ll quickly google it now before we leave no we good idea, I’ll look that up now how q2 these little on the teller just going to take one I actually don’t know which choose to go for potatoes yeah Cheers YUM we were actually able to get a hot meal this time which is good sometimes the vegetarian options are more batch, and anything.


But yes this looks. So good yeah I love this dining hall alrighty guys we just finished up a breakfast, and now we are heading pretty much to the train station to catch our train down to a small town chord which is the nearest major town near the noise Weinstein castle, and it’s about a two hour drive, and it’s in southern Germany which is the areas known as Bavaria maybe we have to go speak to someone yes we’re going to a fussen, and then yeah we’re going to explore the little town in front of the castle hopefully get the drawing out to show you guys some amazing footage of this castle, and then yeah just go explore we’re still deciding whether we want to go inside the castle. Because a lot of people say it’s beautiful on the outside. But it’s not the best on the inside. So we’ll all see what it’s like when we get there. But treat to the road sneak the treats now, I’m going to try what’s this hat you’ve whipped out how you doing today did you enjoy breakfast yeah it’s cool. Because we can use our URL passes to get there which is awesome they do well I think as long as it’s a train in Europe you can use it hey yeah.

Because it’s two hours they’re two hours back. So I don’t know how much that would have cost just worth using like the Euro Hey yeah I think it was at least 27 euros per person sorry when we stopped I was just yeah we definitely have extra days to use Hermes will use the passes yeah these are so so handy I love it need to get to the train station don’t need to buy a ticket, and just jump on, and use it I think we can use it over the two months we’re here we can use a 15 times or 15 days it’s good. So we could go on I was like four four trains as long as it’s in the 24 hours, and you can put in only uses one spot pretty good oh I can see the dough I think this has been the most beautiful train ride. So far the German countryside is so beautiful when you see the Alps in the background wait some what the whole just. So beautiful so much farmland as well. But how nice to the Alps look you were rattled alright guys we just got defusing, and we’re just going to head over to the castle.

But our walk or maybe a ten minute bus. So we’ll just figure it out, and show you guys, I’m really excited. Because this is like my Germany bucket list right here it’s seders castle, and when someone commented on a photo saying that it’s here and. So close to munich i just knew it he didn’t even realize at the beginning room it’s so sunny, and warm I could not believe that it’s going into winter yeah yeah I know I guess meant to be winter in what two weeks uh-huh, and it’s hot I could take this off it’s so hot I know is to be sold those days try not to member I got lost in yourself from the train station we then took a taxi that took maybe like five minutes or something to the little village that’s right near the castle, and we are now looking I just got a map here am I just trying to find a route to the castle which is there, and if you see this pink dotted line it takes you around to it. But I want you to know that I just wanna say that I was wrong no alrighty guys we have found the pathway that takes us to the castle, and kind of see it really far in the distance, I’m not too sure if the cameras picking it up. But yeah we’ve gone through this forest here to get to it or the leaves are slowly get coming off from the wintertime if we explain how a Walt Disney came here, and this inspired him to make Sleeping Beauty’s castle yeah. So technically this is Sleeping Beauty’s castle could you.

So yeah in the grounds you can come into the grounds without paying anything, and you can kind of see the courtyard, and then it’s about 12 euros if you want to go inside the castle. But I think we’re going to skip it this time we’re just going to walk around take some photos yeah it’s so nice you can like walk straight inside anyway yeah I wish you go, and fly the Train yeah you this is the castle. So that’s where we walked in, and we kind of showed you that bit, and then that massive courtyard. So that must be where the main the actual castle bit which we’ll walk into now this is incredible it’s just it looks fake it looks like we’re at Disneyland. Because we’re so used to seeing castles at Disneyland. But it’s incredible I can’t believe that this was built on this mountain side like I can’t even imagine the workers around is so pretty these trees were not in the way.

But we came at a good time if this was in some are doing think we’d be able to see most of the castles as their leaves I fear now going to send the drone up, and see what kind of shots, and food you can get the Sun is in kind of a awkward spot at the moment. But hopefully it doesn’t affect footage it’s like right in between the castle we’ll see how it goes I now I see a little dot from looking at Sun too much yeah all right you ready let’s do it got in trouble by that authority. But, I’m pretty sure we got some good shots before they came over we weren’t sure if we could fit flight or not. But we had a quick go we didn’t fly it like really close to the castle or anything, and I think we got some really cool photos as well with the drone cause it is a really hard place to take photos off I think you do kind of need a drone or to be like to get on top of that mountain or something which I don’t know how you could do to get a photo of it. But you’re can you got good footage, and photos you got in trouble bother afar yeah let’s go. But, I’m a proud drone flier getting better awesome food oh my can’t we just yeah we I didn’t have it I was planning to like pan around it to give you like a view of the lake as well. But by that time I swear you were only up for a few minutes, and then they saw you, and I must have just they must have heard.

Because the drawing is not. So I know I was like we’re trying to be conspicuous about it, and they turn the drone on the dress like oh my gosh this one is a slight obsession with cows I do love cows it’s funny how to put bells on them also it’s like they were playing Christmas we’re walking back come to the train station now, and we just saw really, and I showed of the castle as singers we’re away from the authorities we’re going to fly the drone back up terrible Parkman impression castle we found a shortcut through this nice paddock as you can see there are some cows, and it done as a paddock, and we are walking back to the place now to get the Train done with our drone, and everything. But our thinking is quite nice having some time out of the city. Because we’ve been in such major cities lately we haven’t had really much time in nature, and coming out here has been really nice, and I feel like oh I can told you guys we’re going tomorrow Coachella yeah tomorrow we’re gonna switch to live Luna’s Zurich for two days I think it’s got a four to five hour train ride there tomorrow and, I’m really hoping we can go out, and do some more things in the nature cuz I really like this, and I’ve also heard sorry, I’m just reading out for some cow poo. Because there’s quite a few around I have heard that Switzerland is really pretty to see by train. So, I’m really excited for that train trip this one even here was so beautiful.

So I can’t wait to see what we see in Switzerland. But it is three just past three the Sun is clearly setting already, and we’re just gonna head back now that’s so pretty King right now in the coffin yeah the castles are right behind me that is really cool, I’m in a cool spot right now, and how lucky are we for this weather I can’t believe in two weeks it’s gonna be December oh, and look at this blue sky it is warm like right now this temperature is like a spring in Australia that’s what it feels like today like this has been one of the nicest days we’ve had since coming to Europe I think I could have walked around in a t-shirt guys this is so beautiful we’re struggling to get back to the Train. Because every time we walk away this scenery gets better Oh my castle we’re on my stuck in the city things like 30 more minutes we’ve always made it to Fuson it’s so pretty we’ve just stopped on this water here you can see there it is, and the sunlight is perfect it is it’s beautiful colorful these buildings. So pretty it’s like cause you feel better with your own eyes you know that that is a very cute road all right you guys were right near the train station we’re just going to walk to her through these cute roads to see if there’s a little bite to eat before we jump on there yeah there’s a really colorful town cute medieval feel to it very cute local kebabs in hand yeah the Train 10 must catch the train, and then a two-hour train ride laughing rap dinner is served everyone Cheers oh yeah saucy alright guys we’re back in that room, and we’re going to go, and spend the rest of the night in the pool, and the star in the sauna, and relax ready for our long train ride tomorrow to Zurich we buy 1r5 enough out. So it’s got a little bit all below longest train. So far yeah, I’m gonna do here yeah on the other now thanks for reading guys, I’m so excited to Zurich, and excited show you Zurich.

So goodbye.

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