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Situated right inside the bi tiger reserve in Karnataka nestled in the middle of thick forest is a government-run premium ecotourism resort the Calgary violinist camp cravings to return to mother nature’s lab latest plant a second trip to this jungle lodges, and results property on 26th of November now must be for Team India two more etcetera, and Colour, and today we are going to be a good evil dinner scam it’s saturday 26th of November, and it’s a second trip to this jungle dodges our results last time you were there in 2018. So four years already hand we are as excited as we go back then we were not documenting our troubles back then.

K.Gudi Wilderness Camp – Jungle Lodges, and Resorts B R Tiger Reserve India Ghoomo Photo Gallery

But we do have a number of fantastic, and memorable pictures from the trip it’s a beautiful chilly morning, and we have taken this route originally, and its 948, and it’s the first one we have taking this route, and surprisingly it’s beautiful it’s really scenic with the road is narrow. But it has trees on both the sides the only drawback we see in this route is there are no good restaurants to stop to take break. So you can take the mice implode arrest everything is fine we are still 150 kilometers away from the camp the camp is approximately 225 kilometers from Bangalore 86 kilometers from my suit, and 175 kilometers from Coimbatore, and can be easily reached by Road reception reception dusting formation center over there on the right then I keep moving I think it should be somewhere I guess over there the lodges, and deserts lasting also be found our guy here only if you remember the home after the forest drive we reached the gaya defiled in his camp at 10 a.m. and were welcomed with a glass of fresh juice offered by the humble, and courteous staff which instantly vostok the tiredness from the tribe.

Okay guys for now we are going towards the tent that we are worth it’s a very nice, and rustic to image, and we just can’t wait to be inside there this is our tent tent number seven Maysoon checked into our tent which was just 50 meters away from the goal curve the camp has total three log huts, and eight tented cottages the tent was rustic spacious inside, and well ventilated with an attached bath, and a small porch overlooking the thick forest after having unpacked we rushed towards the dining area for breakfast since we were literally craving for some food the timings for breakfast here is from 5:30 to 9:30, and released at 10:00. So we missed breakfast. But these people were kind enough to arrange some through their toast, and tea for us post breakfast we returned to our tent freshened up, and took a walk around the property the camp is situated in the vicinity of the type of reserve, and a variety of birds, and wildlife can be effortlessly spotted running across the property here in spotted Lehrer eatery arachnitor the only sound he could hear was rustling of the trees in the cool breeze, and melodious chirping of the birds this. So interesting the management has actually made some arrangements for the birds. So you know they have planes to be vessels actually, and they put grains in the morning. So the birds will come, and pick grains from this vessel, and they also have some water arrangements over there it’s really very thoughtful, and very good I said 45 pinkish ever sitting on the same branch, and the moment I forgot my camera to post them okay friends.

So there is a water body within the property, and we are just going there there is a small water body not very far from the tents where we spend some lazy afternoon movements reading birds chirping around while the warm winter Sun keeping us cozy it was very peaceful, and relaxing, and felt as if we have been staying here for long that’s how enchanting, and wonderful it is being inside forest I think you have captured many person that’s not a good runner well good yeah that’s good then I can just pick up the stuff at 1:30 p.m. lunch was served at goal curve which is jungle largest Widmark dining space food served was a butcher spread with a variety of delicious food to choose from for lunch we have this is a sample beings the table this is mutter, and then we have runny awkward, and chapati okay. So we had a lunch, and now we don’t know what it do we have any evening Safari is at 3:30 at 3:30 p.m. and it’s 1:30 right now. So take a dog de souza crust with take some rest yeah the food was very tasty guys nice very simple food, and delicious which we enjoyed ready good enough I don’t get you let’s go well either this couple cooking check okay hey friends its 3:30 p.

m. right now, and we are going towards the gold card to have evening tea, and after the TV we’ll go for a safari which is hidden if I went with her picanha. Because I was exposing it – hey guys. So we are all set for Safari we are just waiting for the dragon a naturalist were accompanied us, and probably there might be one more family to accompany us to the Safari, and let’s see what animals we are able to spot we have never been lucky enough the spotting white guys let’s see if we get this time okay let’s go divine life Jeep Safari started at 4:30 p.m. and took us deep inside the tiger reserve we were a campaigned by a driver, and naturalist, and for fellow guests The Naturalist informed us about the flora, and fauna, and we came to know they were around 35 tigers, and leopards along with over 200 elephants inside the forest along with deer monkeys, and wild dogs look nobody what is this oh yeah I don’t oh hello female action said we’re not doing the tigris of prepare for the Sambas nah they’re. Because they will be take a large brain matter every.

Because Tiger don’t have any taste buds. But always the Tigers are prepared for the large place sighs sighs voice. Because they lived until that big nugget. But we need them broke new like Leviathan way further guarantor cheering another string. But it is during the three our safari we could only spot the commonly sighted animals like the spotted deer monkeys barking deer Gore sambar deer, and a couple of bird species we also spotted brown fish owl of magnificent huge bird resting over the branch which is considered a rare sighting we were on the verge of witnessing hunting order by a pack of wild dogs the dogs chased the deer into the bushes, and they just vanished. So we couldn’t capture the hunt that’s how unpredictable jungle is you don’t know what you are going to come across next this definitely was the most thrilling part of the Safari at 7 p.m.

we were back to the camp snacks, and tea was served at the Kolker whichever snacks, and chai right thank you so much you have chili sauce no I don’t mind today beautiful tea yeah the time range suppressing these forests it’s riding fearlessly across the length, and breadth of the subcontinent until man India after reading a wildlife movie played at the Colker we want ourselves around the campfire, and listened to some thrilling jungle stories narrated by the naturalist the tribal colony on the way they every time they get to see Leopard they say stories sir last night leopard came one cattle killed leopard came, and left our pet dog elephants have read inside here, and rarely yes, and elephants you know they don’t come into our property. Because it’s you know everywhere there is light they don’t like fight they used to be infants inside the property earlier here means two elephants today we just used to roam in the purple inside yes. So what happened that leopard we say it in the evening no yeah it’s like a campus leopard only regularly zoo. Because here goes down, and goes beyond Commerce Department guard quarters, and all roams around, and finally no go, and settle down here be loved it they want of the bonfire the jungle sounds, and the rustling of the trees add to the thrill dinner was served at 8:30 p.m. following which we went to sleep Hey friends its 27 November Sunday 6 a.m.

, and it’s wicked cold after having tea we will go for a nature walk inside the forest. So let me just have my team, and it’s still dark outside guys early the next morning our wake-up call at 6 a.m. arrived with tea coffee, and biscuits fallen which naturalist Narayan took us for a morning nature walk, and trekking inside the reserve forest water doe which this spotted Oh spot eater yeah it was a misty morning, and the forest was a bus with chirping birds, and squirrels that chased one another from tree to tree the trail led us through the dense forest canopy, and a half an hour’s walk led us to a small water body where we spotted a bison, and a herd of deer The Naturalist knew the Forester, and very well, and we followed the trails that led us all the way up to the peaks of a nearby hill we spent some time reading the sunrise, and feeling the cool breeze on our face, and then made our way back to the camp friends. So the nature walk is almost over, and we are again headed back towards the camp they were hungry, I’m feeling very hungry. Because it was a little tiring walk for two hours. So you can understand what it would have been like now we are just going to have breakfast, and after which we will check out from the camp hey friends it’s time to check out from the camp staying at Tegrity violinist camp in BR Hills was a rejuvenating, and thrilling experience it’s located inside deep forest.

So you can frequently hear Tiger Lord, and you where in the camp it’s a must visit for nature, and wildlife enthusiasts as this location has been declared a tiger reserve the this property is going to be shifted to a new location before 2018. So if you plan to see this place you will have to do that before 2018. So that’s all from this travel review I hope you enjoyed reading this post give this post a big thumbs up share it with your friends on social media, and let others also know about this beautiful location, and please don’t forget to comment India homo to get notified of all our future travel posts thanks for reading if you love being with nature want to know the forest, and spend some time in the jungle k gory violence camp is the place you need to visit. So that’s all from this travel review I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and do comment India Gumo to get notified of all our future travel post uploads thanks for reading you.

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