Hey everybody So we can jump on a ferry, and leave Quadra Islands go back to Campbell River – oh thank you a little bit chilly – was it this chilly on the other islands well we never cracked this early no.

But we got off this early Magus always surrounded by trees, and stuff I think once we a fearful we’re gonna go south a nice little hot coffee he’s gone we gotta catch like a 40-minute flight I think no stopovers on this one. So no silly 7-minute icing. So we just arrived at the Campbell River Airport, and just just inside getting us coffee, and I think we are just gonna look through the photographs to see what type of Instagram photos we can share with you guys which you’ve probably already seen this is weird postging now, and it’s not gonna come up for like this post is not going to come out for like four days. But yeah how much it’s gonna catch it’s gonna take us directly to Bank gonna go see what how the coffee’s coming along. But our TV is ready for the train horn blows train horn another flight about to bow huh yeah yeah at least we can listen to podcasts yeah all right up I think to the sky train yeah I saw that train ride just kills us. So, I’m gonna Alan off our ride we’ll see, I’m back to writing blog posts, and Steven is finished writing, and I just finished editing the first post which is good. Because I was like you know in this is so much work, and I just can’t seem.


So daunting I’ve got six blocks to edit that’s like it 12 hours of editing the first one you did pretty quick took me two hours. But it’s good I hope you guys liked it. So we could go more then there’s no point even talking about that now. But the main reason I was starting to grab the camera is I wanted to show you look at that tan line I am come to Canada get its Han whoa show you guns this story tend I actually think I go to bed why does it read you look Brown I look red well we’ve my hand to sunburn damn look at that blood, I’m not gonna show them my ring is it gonna focus make it focus what have we done what we traveled all the way from we’ve got fire to the core trains and, I’m running a price, I’m running a post about our Clark experience well it’s fresh in my head it’s a good idea yeah, and then it’s also coming up – yes our four months of being in I mean four months of leaving home which means the fourth installment of flying the nest maoli roundups which are on our look if you ever want to know we do a roundup of like ups, and our downs, and what we’ve learnt, and how the money’s going. So that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing well, I’m like sitting against the wall we just realized there was no food in the house yes we’re shopping tomorrow okay yeah why don’t we have our personal chef mr. it was like the best food I’ve ever had this is the best oh you can Oh 640, and then show them thankfully I see a kayak I suppose you’ve seen it already kind of adventure. So it’s been going for 45 minutes.

But it means I get like an hour. Because i can’t i can’t do anything i could just uses all the power, and the computer it was time the fro is no longer i just realized we hadn’t ended the post, and stevens fallen asleep that’s gonna complete, and then look here, and take with nine, and we will see you guys turn good night guys.

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