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El Greco, Velazquez, Corot. Monet, Manet, Cezanne. Degas, Van Gogh are just some of the masters represented here.

On the same floor you’ll discover a display of musical instruments from all over the world. You can hire a cassette recorder and hear how each instrument sounds. The rest of the floor is taken up by Far Eastern art, a beautiful collection of Islamic art, the American wing paintings, sculpture and furniture and rooms for special exhibitions.

And the museum continues to grow: a new wing has been opened for the Temple of Den-dur. a gift from Egypt that was brought over and reconstructed stone by stone in the museum’s workshops.

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The ship’s bell was recovered a few years ago by a diver from Seahouses, and identified the wreck as that of HMT Fortuna. Fifteen men of the Royal Naval Patrol Service (RNPS) and Royal Navy Reserve (RNR) died on the vessel so the wreck is a war grave and should be respected as such. Large numbers of fish are attracted to the wrecksite, which should make an excellent boat-angling venue. The Venus was a steel-hulled 715-ton Norwegian steam cargo vessel measuring 63.72 m in length, with an 8.68-m beam and a 4.11-m draught. A. Simey and Co. (John and Luke Crown) at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland built and completed her as Yard No. 40; she was launched as the schooner-rigged Serantes on 17 October 1872 for Johnson and Co. Newcastle upon Tyne. The single screw was powered by an aft-positioned 95-nhp two-cylinder compound steam engine that used one boiler. The cylinders measured 63.5 cm and 121.92 cm with a 76.2-cm stroke (25 in. and 48 in. with a 30-in.stroke).

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