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The opening dance was set to the rousing music of eight Best places to vacation China men playing traditional Uighur violins and rattles, an accordion, drums, and a snake- Best places to vacation China charmer type of bugle. Four girls whose hair was braided into plaits down as far as their hips, wore puce gowns and black embroidered jackets, and danced in restrained and stately fashion, their arms swaying and wrists twisting in flowing angular movements, while a solo female singer sang a high almost operatic song.

Two comic songs followed, with men making amorous advances and women playing coy. The audience (many of whom were Uighur) laughed uproariously at the song’s words, which were undoubtedly bawdy. The musical solos had the same nasal quality as a neighing horse. The liveliest dance was that of a young girl accompanied by a snake-skin drum, she writhed and flexed every limb, her body bending over backward to touch the ground then rising and whirling away in circles.

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