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From the glorious Victorian architecture of Belfast to the breathtaking causeway coast to the looming city walls of Derry Northern Ireland has always had plenty of visitor attractions unfortunately decades of guerrilla warfare deterred visitors, and it wasn’t until the last years that the area has really opened up now you can discover. How the peacemaking process has brought a revival of optimism to this beautiful landscape when I came up to this city in April and I’ve seen a lot of change in that time this church by virtue of where, it’s located on the walls close to the Bogside frequently during the worst of the troubles was a target with with stones, and petrol bombs, and paint forms, and every window was covered with security material to try, and keep the place safe.

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We’ve emerged from a dark place, it’s fair to say we all fell into the whirlpool of a struggle that just took us down into the darkness but a change took place number journeying on towards a daybreak of hope in the Peace Bridge is an amazing symbol of Hope which straddles the Foyle a pedestrian bridge, and that in many ways has closed that psychological gap between one side on the other conflict vanishes we’re the pre-folded people thought no. This is crazy why spend this amount of money on a bridge why not build a school why not build a hospital but those people who were very against it don’t know the ones who are probably the greatest fans of that bridge. Because it does open up the waterside and,.

Because it makes the water siphon much more part of the city center as well that makes life better here. I person think dairy is a place that has a very tangible history when you walk around the city. Because you have the walls.

Because you’ve built all all that sort of kind of fabric around you it makes you feel that you’re immersed in that history. I think, it’s important that we remember the past but we don’t want to live in the past in the museum here we’re very keen to let people know about the story of the city in the story of Derry, it’s about. How we as citizens who live here. How we can really celebrate our rich heritage along the shores of Northern Ireland lies a bizarre natural formation of interlocking hexagonal stones according to Irish legend the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant named Finn McCool who was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Ben, and Donna, and Finn accepted the challenge, and built the causeway across the North channel. So that the two giants could meet discover the legend, and the science behind this puzzling landscape as you step onto the Giant’s Causeway from its rich, and complicated past, it’s stunning natural wonders a complete visit to Northern Ireland is not to be missed extend your trip to get an insider’s look into the fascinating culture of Northern Ireland.

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