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Click Allah those Islands are world-renowned for the creatures that live here each island supports animals who are uniquely suited to their set observations of their adaptations to their environment became the evidence for naturalist Charles Darwin, and his theory of evolution but Galapagos tortoise which can live more than years the blue footed boobie they’re kind of doing the boobie dance that’s variety of wildlife, and trees zillion different kinds of triggers, and plants amazing.

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I’ve done things. I never thought. I could do before.

I’ve been places. I never thought I’d go before and I’ve listened earn. So much about Ecuador, it’s been wonderful from the heart of the Amazon to the volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos a journey beyond belief Ecuador’s all-inclusive wilderness awaits you well.

I grew up in these islands of this islands of Galapagos that’s an amazing place an island far away from the coast of the mainland South America is miles these are volcanic islands and I just was born there was just likely that my family went there, and they were pioneers in this island. So it was amazing childhood this islands are just surrounded by ocean, and the, and the waters are crystal clear. So swimming snorkeling that was the.

I mean just well the games that we had as kids just flowing the water play with the water, and just just see these animals with Biggi one of these tortoises, and that’s really an amazing experience just to be looking at the birds just friggin purchase with their with the pouches inflated all these animals that were just at one point where just lying down look into the sky all these animals flying above me that was really my my best experience in my life or landscapes in this islands are just. So amazing. Because the geological part is the most interesting part of this sale of these islands.

Because these islands are young, it’s only to million years ago when the volcanoes were erupting under the sea, and eventually it four islands in the middle of the middle of the ocean. So these items are young oh yes there is one island there is one island in the bay is called bartolome island, and has a walk with a named pinnacle rock, and we climbed to the top we cling to the volcano with the island there are some levels which are only a years old, and you can just see. I mean you can just imagine. How was the beginning of this Islands growing up in Galapagos.

So different. Because it is something nice growing up with animals but something. I can say growing up with conservation is very nice collabos one of the places that we don’t talk about conservation we live an act every day about that – being a laughable is already something unique no in Ecuador, and in this beautiful planet there can be a pitch where you just sitting there doing a beautiful color of the water where is no garbage in the area no plastic bottles nothing like that then you are watching this beautiful landscape in a beautiful beach nice weather, and then you have a sea lion passing by you or coming is smelling your leg or work coming on your head or around now, and you just quite there you just don’t move.

Because you are part of that know that is some unique places, and it’s almost all around any place you decide to sit you can fly away of everything, and to be with the nature around Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands remain a living laboratory of Charles Darwin’s landmark theory of evolution.

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