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In Peru descendants of the Incas live amid the grandeur of the Andes Mountains among farming terraces, and ancient temples from the days of the Incan Empire from colonial lima to the impressive structures of Machu Picchu there is much to discover in this ancient land you on this adventure.

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You’ll delve into the, and soul of your destination interacting with local people, and gaining insight into their culture our Oh eighties small group size allows us to go beyond the tourist track exploring the region’s hidden gems, and heading off the beaten path for spontaneous discoveries all on a discovery filled itinerary offered at an unbeatable value you can improve the value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions venture into Ecuador to ride the devil’s nose train or explore the Amazon rainforest of Peru learn who came before the Incas in northern Peru or discover Lake Titicaca ‘he’s sacred landscape from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery we fly to Lima on the Pacific coast taking time to explore its historic monuments before heading to the andean highlands, and cuzco Cusco is our gateway to the Sacred Valley home to the ruins of PSAC, and orient. I tambo then after a train ride through the Urubamba River Gorge we arrived at aguas calientes our base for exploring machu picchu our overnight stay gives us two chances to explore machu picchu at the least crowded times then we return to see more of Cusco, and its surroundings including the village of chinchero, and the Saxo llaman fortress before our trip concludes in Lima on this adventure.

You’ll delve into the history, and culture of your destination archaeology lovers will appreciate that we visit six unique ruin sites including the massive fortress of saksaywaman we use unique, and authentic modes of transportation like a gentle raft trip, and a spectacular urubamba Gorge train ride we blend urban, and rural vistas. So you emerge with a well-rounded view of contemporary Peru meeting the people where they live work, and play throughout your adventure. You’ll find that your unique discoveries are enhanced by es small group size for instance we can explore small that fascinating pockets among the ruins with your trip leader always close at hand for insights we get beyond the tourist sites to join local families as they go about their daily lives without disrupting the natural flow of things, and as we enjoy these activities we’ll get to know each other to forming wonderful bonds with our fellow travelers as you explore our expert resident trip leaders will enrich your understanding of the region since all our trip leaders live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life they’ll give you the back story on all the places you visit while on your adventure and,.

Because our trip leaders are all natives of their region. You’ll enjoy an authentic experience of local culture your accommodations balanced the comfort of modern amenities with authentic lodgings at the heart of each stop on your itinerary each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip you can travel to Ecuador to view the scenic Avenue of the volcanoes around the Rio bomba, and ride the devil’s nose train through the Andes. You’ll also take in the Indian culture of Ecuador’s Highlands, and explore the Spanish colonial heritage of cuenca a UNESCO World Heritage Site journey deep into the Peruvian jungle to explore the Amazon rainforest by riverboat, and nature walks, and meet the native people who dwell in the Amazon rainforest of Peru where.

You’ll uncover the pre-incan kingdoms of chin woo, and mochi here will view ancient pyramids, and the tomb of the warrior king known as the Lord of Sipan during stays in to culturally rich city’s coastal Trujillo, and Chi Clio travel to puno to witness the sacred waters of lake titicaca. You’ll explore this brilliant andean lake by boat, and meet indigenous people who live on islands made of reeds the mysteries of Machu Picchu alone would warrant a visit to this fascinating land but when you add in the art, and architecture of Cusco historic colonial sites exciting rafting, and walking tracks, and unique cultural encounters on a single journey all at an unparalleled value you have an opportunity not to be missed call now, and join oag for our adventures too real affordable Peru.

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