Top Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Balkan Road Trip

Budva and Kotor in Montenegro have been amazing. Nevertheless we continued a few days later along the coast to the pearl of the Adriatic Coast Dubrovnik in Croatia! Today our th station: Dubrovnik! A city which has been the post set for Game of Thrones For a reason! Today the real postmakers are in town 😉 Dubrovnik is located in the very south of Croatia and has a beautiful old town. But unfortunately this is also the reason that you are not alone discovering the city. The crowds are everywhere. Unless one moves away from the main roads and takes more time than the typical day tourist.

Top Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Balkan Road Trip Photo Gallery

If u go up the narrow streets you can experience the real Dubrovnik! In the evening we went on the city wall, for another view of Dubrovnik. Beside the city walls Dubrovnik is surrounded by water. Located along the city walls are two bars. From here you have incredible views of the Adriatic Sea! Of course, the city wall was not enough for us so we went up on the mountain with the beautiful name “Srd”. Up here one realizes why Dubrovnik is also called the Pearl of the Adriatic. Especially during sunset! The next post leads to us Sarajevo the historic capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. comment to this blog on and become a fan on Facebook!

Top Things to do in Tirana Albania Balkan Road Trip

After our relatively short stay in Macedonia, we went right on the next morning to Albania. There, the next stop of our trip is called: Tirana. In this post we show you all the spots we visited in days. Hello from Albania which is now our rd country! Specifically from Tirana which is the Capital of the country. Which you can see here from Mt. Dajti. Let’s check it out! Tirana is located almost exactly in the middle of the country. We stayed also relatively central close to the Skanderbeg Square. This square is surrounded by all major attractions of the city. We were quite surprised how young and dynamically Tirana is!

It is difficult to discover Tirana it is very hot! Tiran lies in a basin all around are high mountains. However, one of these mountains has a cable car. we just need to figure out how the mountain is called! 😉 The mountain is called “DAJTI”, the Cable Car Station is only minutes from the City center. minutes where you’re able to go from the bustling city center into the Green. If you have good weather conditions, the Mt DAJTI is probably the best spot for the Sunset. Beside the spinning Sky Bar in the City Center. You can only beat this with proper Albanian food! In the next post we’ll finally go to the beach! We are taking you to the Coastal towns Budva and Kotor in Montenegro. comment to this blog on and don’t miss upcoming posts!

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