The Beauty Of Travel

The Beauty of Travel

The Beauty of Travel is that it is the very embodiment of curiosity fostered and unleashed. From the moment of mental inception, when the concept of a trip starts to take shape, to the nerve-wracking but wonderfully rewarding trip itself travel is a profound exercise in self-enrichment and stimulation through discovery, curiosity and new experiences.

The ability to so easily transport ourselves far outside the confines of our daily world and the comfort that it offers is a captivating insight into the essence of human behavior. The absolute disruption of so many fundamental aspects of our lives, from when we eat to where we sleep, creates opportunities to test and explore ourselves in ways almost impossible in any other area of our routines. It also creates wonderful worldview clashes which reveal fundamentally different ways of thinking, relating, and doing things that we might otherwise never even realize exist or are within the realm of the possible.

Travel provides an opportunity for introspection and the chance to develop one’s internal self confidence in a way that is difficult to tap into elsewhere.

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The combination of safety net in the form of tourist infrastructure combined with the exotic and novel nature of travel, particularly independent or solo travel, helps to strip away our daily support networks that tend to actually limit our growth.

Without these crutches in place, the path to discovering our true ability to succeed, overcome challenges, and master things on our own comes to the forefront. In this section you’ll find observations drawn from these experiences, combined with travel across more than fifty countries situated on five continents and experienced through a wide range of travel styles that range the gamit from family travel to longterm life abroad as a sojourner.

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