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The small insular country of, square kilometers located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a real tropical paradise the capital of Marius is port Louie commercial, and civil services are both concentrated here. This is also the location of the biggest market, and only sea Harbor of the country the waterfront seaside commercial, and cultural center is built near the harbour on the seaside with restaurants coffee bars snack bars cinemas, and a casino the carbon waterfront building is on the other side of the harbor which also has the copy of a lighthouse built inside in front of it is an th century windmill, and a playground with a huge sailboat otherwise the kadhan is a shopping center just like the waterfront with restaurants, and shops but also with Hotel.

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And, Casino the Central Market is primarily a food market the freshly picked fruits have quite a different taste than those delivered to Europe after a long trip the neighborhood at the Central Market is the Empire with a wandering sellers from straw hats to conga drums they sell everything boxes made of tropical wood, and woven goods are especially nice anyone looking for a present can take tea coffee rum or spices home souvenirs handcrafted items books, and maps can be found in the shopping centers but expensive boutiques outlet clothes shops, and different services are also to be found here the accessories needed for photography, and video making can be attained here too there are wood carvings, and ceramic statues of it but it can also be found in jade or steatite its figure adorns t-shirts, and bags as well the model ships are made by hand with careful work, and a reduced copies of existing ships we can find both the Saint Geron.

And, the Cutty Sark the discovery or the Santa Maria on request they arrange for flight safe packaging of the fragile models in the shop in the winter months all together races are held here Marius was the fourth country in the world which printed stamps in the ruler held a large-scale ball stamps were stuck to the invitations in large numbers.

So that they were soon out of stock the quickly ordered reprints were mistakenly marked with the post-office notice instead of postpaid the wrong prints became the object of philatelists collecting passion two decades later specialist books mentioned such stamps only four known as being on the island one of these is exhibited in the blue penny Museum in Port Louie.

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