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A whole wangi village in western zimbabwe nestled within a region benefited by a vast wildlife at the Hawaii National Park yet challenged by limited water resources, and underfunded schools which families, and farmers here need desperately beyond the safaris what does a day in the life of a local feel like here contemporary, and Debbie Lee wake up each day in Hamlet’s of family homesteads called crawls the houses of a husband, and his wives, and children surround their cattle Corral most villages in the area have to rely on one local borehole for water the villagers also depend heavily on their livestock for food.

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If local water is in short supply a day’s activities might include a kilometer round-trip walk to the next closest water source they transport water in buckets with each load averaging pounds some also carry a baby in an effort to solve some of these problems the grand circle foundation drilled a borehole to provide the village with fresh water the midday meal includes the most popular affordable, and sensible food in the village sods up for maids.

And, meat since in dabeli residents don’t have electricity all food is prepared on an open fire the dziga primary school is central to village life, and children attend five days a week in season ed master Moses chil Afiya has revived this once dilapidated school at one time Zimbabwe had one of the best education systems in southern Africa with the instability of Zimbabwean politics however education has paid the price most teachers sought better work environments, and have left the country moreover attendance of children is extremely poor due to lack of nutrition often compounded by the challenges of the distances they must walk to school the sunsets, and life in this Ong village quiets down by tomorrow a new day you.

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