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The Turkish poet Orhan Veli finds his sister’s bridal veil here dresses, and shirts can be found in every color blues greens, and pinks, it’s a treasure chest in the middle of Istanbul a mystery a secret the poet calls it a treasure chest yet couple of chaucer is a world unto itself a colorful land of fairytales you you Istanbul gazes at itself in the imaginary mirror of the world surrounded by memories that have lingered for years the covered Bazaar was first established during the era of Mehmet the Conqueror in time as the bazaar grew it became a microcosm reflecting the economic, and social life of Istanbul the bazaar now extends over an area of hectares there are streets, and alleys in the bazaar which were once allocated to different specific fields of business the once upon a time showcases, and secluded display stalls at the time called cabinets were in time replaced by stores of all sizes the bazaar is comprised of three parts the center being the inner baddest, and also called the old modesta.

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It is covered by domes that stand on massive pillars the inner baddest on the center of the covered Bazaar opens to the surrounding streets aha flawed kasatonov tequila, and Kuya mule our streets via four doors facing four directions when you go along William Jewell our street, and take a ride you come to the second nucleus of the covered market. This is the San Galveston named after a silky fabric with the twenty domes covering it it has the most domes among its peers the Sun Dava Destin was the center of fabric trade until the turn of the century apart from these tuba Destin’s the covered Bazaar is a maze of arched.

And, domed streets it is rather an exotic collage that captivates the imagination the bazaar once exhibited hundreds of handicrafts, and tradesmen most of which have disappeared today still the covered bazaar is where the heart of the city beats the sellers tempting you to do shopping with their cause you can’t help noticing the fascinating engravings amongst all the commotion that comes with the colors, and voices entering the covered Bazaar feels like a treasure chest with the magical feel of velvet satin, and silk on your hands with a banquet spread for your eyes the porcelain in China the copper.

And, silver filigree work this visual banquet becomes still more colorful when complemented by the traditional delights of Turkish cuisine shish kebab dinar Cudahy revani following a meal there is the pleasure of sipping strong Turkish coffee or quench your thirst with a drink of chilled water that has flowed from a marble fountain as long as time itself, and then glancing at the light filtering through the window you realize it is already evening the maddening crowd vanishes the whole bazaar sinks into silence the doors are closed quietly only to be open the next morning for the covered Bazaar is a story that has come down to us for years a new page is written every day in this eternal story in the boomers Oh you.

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