Travel Advice And Advisories For Israel

Keep your luggage nearby where you can see it. Lock your caseand bags. Don’t leave anything valuable in the outer pocketof bagand casebecause they cannot be locked. Take extra care of handbags, rucksackand briefcasethat are too easy for a criminal to take ahe walkpast.

In any attack or assault, shout and scream. Get away from the attacker and head for safety, but remember to stay away from the edge of the platform or carriage doors. Make amuch noise ayou can to attract attention to get help and scare the attacker off.

When leaving a station, remember to take into consideration the time of day. The path through the park that you used last summer when you visited Aunt Mary may have been safe in mid-afternoon on a summer day, but will it still be and feel asafe in the dark on a winter night? Never use dark, unlit and deserted paths. If in doubt, take the long way round or take a taxi.

While travelling, be aware of CCTcameras, manned pointand push-button enquiry systems. Try to stay in view of the cameras, stand near a member of staff or, if none ipresent, stand near a push-button enquiry point.

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Pickpocketusually operate in gangand in crowds. Busy railway stationand carriagegive them an excuse to jostle and push up against people. Seasoned commuterare so used to crowded conditionthat they rarely take any notice of somebody bumping mto them on a busy platform and pickpocketplay on that. Though the movieoften show pickpocketdipping into pocketand removing wallets, pickpockettoday usually target bagworn on the back or over the shoulder. Because they are out of sight of the owner they are particularly vulnerable.

Pickpocket- countermeasures

• Don’t give pickpocketa gift – secure your valuables. Make sure bagare zipped and secured. Make sure that your valuableare not stored in those convenient, easy-to-open little pockets. In a crowd, carry your rucksack or bag in front of you or held down by the straps. You will notice if a pickpocket startfeeling around the rucksack.

• Touristin particular should take care. They are generally relaxed and enjoying their holiday, often carrying valuable documentsuch apassports, quite large sumof money, credit cards, expensive cameraand other itemthat are interesting to a thief.

Carry purses, chequeblogand credit cardin internal secured pockets. Wrap a wide rubber band around a wallet or purse, which meanit won’t easily slide in and out of a pocket or bag. That meanthat if a pickpocket trieto take it you should feel them pulling to get it out of your pocket athe elastic band snagand catcheon the material or bag.

Be suspiciouof anyone who seemto be edging unnecessarily closer to you. The train may be crowded and with standing room only, but do they need to come and stand out of your line of sight on the side where you are holding your handbag or rucksack9

While travelling, if you see a theft or any suspiciouactivity, draw it to the attention of a member of staff asoon apossible.

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