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Just south of Tanzania’s wondrous, and Gora Gora region lies the district of Kurata here the Araku people make their home living day by day as they have for centuries in karate village each day begins with the children tending livestock before heading off to school agriculture is the backbone of Corrado’s economy the Araku employs sophisticated irrigation practices passed down from their northern ancestors in in Jericho by mid-morning peratis market is bustling with activity has various goods are traded. This is a central part of daily life for the Araku a more recent addition to the local economy is brick-making which provides supplemental income for families during the dry season, and helps fund children’s educational costs a typical midday meal consists of rice maize, and beans providing the necessary nourishment for the afternoon work in the fields, and procure education is essential for the future generations of the region, and most children are eager to attend school the students of karate are dedicated to their daily studies lessons begin early in the morning, and last well into the afternoon as part of the world classroom initiative the grand circle foundation has provided this school with essential supplies, and given scholarships to various students with work, and school finished for the day hirato settles into evening tomorrow will bring another day so.

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This is a karate market will walk into the market, and the thing to find in the market that the things you should find in people’s box visiting a market here reveals a lot about gender roles in this rural area women provide eighty percent of the labor force, it’s wonderful every market is, it’s exciting to be in a market jumbo. I’m making javadi made from flour in water chapati is served at breakfast with soup or tea, and at lunch or dinner with stewed, and vegetables my first haircut in Africa. I don’t think so.

I think. I had one in Tunisia but you know. I’ve certainly my first haircut south of the Equator.

I like it. I said short, and he’s cutting it joy buddy what’s it look at you guys but. I’ve got to get ready to go to church here a little bit later good. How much is that gonna cost pizza come on $.

For the heck cut. How is the hair can we a mix of Christian Muslim, and indigenous beliefs Tanzanians pride themselves on living together with a broad range of religious diversity the chance to be with people, and to be active. I mean you get to interact with everyone you get to go to the market you get to go in their homes you get to share a meal with a family john-boy everybody my name is Paulo sulla Paulo sulla yes you are welcome in our Yakko Yakko village boy years written into these traditional garments called Kangas there is often a message hidden at the edges an example we women want equality peace, and progress we are going to use this our local instrument which we call it, and in our Iroquois language we call it city but. I invite you to dance oh sure come for those who love, and what against another one another mom and I liked today’s is it with a family.

I thought that was absolutely fascinating the day, and the life experience is. So fantastic. Because you.

So close to the people and I have found the people here in Tanzania to be sold friendly, and welcoming it was a wonderful experience, and it was the first time. We’ve had that experience we often don’t realize the struggles that people have for things just as simple as fresh clean water the amount of people walking that we saw intensely is just extraordinary, it’s been absolutely wonderful this has been better than. I could have expected everything that.

I expected, and more ditto but again with species, and million wild animals in Tanzania there is no predicting exactly what may reveal itself on a journey here. This is our rd OAD trip you’ve been to all seven continents different countries, and seven times the Safari Serengeti trip of all the places country’s trips tours. We’ve made.

This is by far still our favourite we love animals, and there’s something magical about wild animals in their natural environment that keeps bringing us back when it comes. So close to the vehicle you can almost touch them when you see the big five like we have every time then we have come here, and that’s what keeps bringing us back we love coming here you do.

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