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Booking a holiday often requires a large financial investment and they don’t happen as often as we’d like, so we have a duty to make the most of our vacations when they do come around. Some people like to do something new every time they go abroad, whether that means visiting a new country, embarking on a nature adventure or taking advantage of some great tours. If you like the idea of doing all of that, you might want to consider a holiday in Tasmania.

Tasmania is an island located to the south of Australia, and taking a ferry from Melbourne to the island takes less than 11 hours. When you arrive here, you’ll be struck by stunning views and wildlife, friendly people and a heap of different Tasmania tours to choose from. If you make the most of your time, Tasmania could prove to be the holiday of a lifetime. Even if you plan to spend most of your time in Australia, a few days in Tasmania promises to improve your holiday.

Unforgettable Holidays

There’s nothing better than a holiday the one time of year you can forget about your worries and relax. If you want to see as much of Tasmania as possible during your stay, you should consider going on a guided tour.

– An adventure for a day Some people don’t really want to go on a vacation that consists of a week-long planned itinerary. If you’re a person who prefers to have most of their time to themselves, a one-day tour could be a good option for you. You could choose to tour around Cradle Mountain or spend the day looking for the famous Tasmanian Devil. Whichever magnificent nature trail you choose, your day promises to be great.

– An insightful tour that lasts up to a week You might be a person who loves to pack as much into their holiday as possible rather than just relax, and that means a long tour might be ideal for you. You could go on a four day West Coast tour which includes accommodation and a visit to Port Arthur, or you could embark on the six day tour that passes almost every attraction Tasmania has to offer.

– Experience complete serenity If you travel to Tasmania, you simply need to enjoy a peaceful river cruise down the Gordon River, and you need to see the breath-taking views offered by Russell Falls. A guided tour is the best way to gain real insight about this island and its nature. For ultimate freedom, you might consider renting a campervan so you can explore every crevice.

Tasmania really does offer some fantastic experiences and natural wonders, and that’s part of why many Australians choose to holiday here each year. It’ll be a holiday that imprints into your memory, and you’ll probably find you wish to return in the future. Just make sure you make the most of your trip by taking advantage of a guided tour or two.

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