Skin Diseases of Cambodia

Skin diseases in Cambodia are rampant because people get in touch with water a lot. Many people have herpes, and they seem to feel no shame about it. I heard that people who had herpes tend to take a bath immediately after having sexual intercourse, which caused the deaths of several people due to dysentery and cholera. In the marketplace, people sell medicines to cure various kinds of illnesses. But those medicines are different from Chinese medicines. There are also sorcerers who offer their craft for healing of ailments. How pathetic!

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The Cambodians do not use coffin for funeral. When a person died, people would use clothes and mats to wrap around the corpse and carry it into

the forest to be left there for wild animals to consume. Sometimes, a funeral procession completed with music and flags was performed to honor the departed person. Along the way toward the resting place, relatives of the decease throw out popcorns or rice cereals as ritual offering to the supernatural beings. If wild animals consumed the corpse immediately after it has been left in the forest, it is believed that the spirit of the decease is at peace. However, if there were no animals coming to consume the corpse, it is believed that the spirit of the decease has not been free from sins.

Nowadays, some people cremated their deceased loved one. Those who have Chinese blood in their ethnic backgrounds, they no longer wear white clothes to mourn the death of their parents. They only shave their heads, for males, and cut off some hair on the foreheads, for females, to indicate mourning for deceased parents. As for Kings, there are mausoleums for their burials, but I do not know if their bodies were buried in whole or just the bones.

(Oxcart, a timeless locomotive which serves as a transportation means for Cambodians throughout the ages)

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