Urumqi Subway Map

An Australian joined me for a while; he was in Urumqi Subway Map a hurry to reach Beijing and catch the Trans-Siberian Express back to Europe. While Urumqi Subway Map he sat by me, none of the Chinese spoke to me or tried to make friends. One of the advantages of going solo is the way that local people accept you among them. Xenophobia has always been a characteristic of China. It’s impressive how dramatically their attitude has changed in the last seven years. The Great Wall, which I glimpsed several times during this train ride, was built to keep out foreign devils’.

Kat started by calling out Madam’s name, asking if she would respond with a knock. Several minutes pasted in silence. Then Kat asked if the spirit of someone from the Calumet Theater was with us. She called for any performers to come forward. There was no noticeable response.

An attempt to recreate an event or talk about something familiar to the spirit’s past is frequently used to draw them out. This would be our next approach.

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