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This post, we’re going to the Granville Island Market. A food lovers paradise. Come on, let’s go. Wow, this market is huge. There are endless rows of food stalls. Everything from fresh produce, to sweets, and even seafood. When you come to the market, you’ve gotta try one of Lee’s Doughnuts. They’re one of the original shops from when the market opened. And they make everything from scratch. While you’re here be sure to check out some of the handmade crafts. Like this scarf is actually hand-painted. Ta-da. Gonna sample and learn about all the vendors, and a little bit of history.

Granville Island Brewing

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It’s just more that they’re local, they’re fresh there’s no preservatives. That’s so cool they actually grow wasabi here in British Columbia. Who knew? This is sea asparagus it’s from here in BC.

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And all you have to do is sautee it with a little bit of herb add some salt and pepper. All right so did you know that all tea comes from the same plant. It’s the way it’s grown. So, it’s like olives. It’s like wine. There’s flowers in there.

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Flowers in your oolong tea. So, this is chai tea. And the secret ingredient is actually butter. Delicious. Nice. Let’s meet at the end, and I’ll tell you about the coffees. I’m gonna go for the medium. So, this coffee is organic. And it’s as close as crop to cup as you can get. All right, let’s find the prosciutto. This one is a red wine prosciutto, so it is brined in red wine.

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Mmm, this is my favorite. All right, give it a shot. It was a great tour. We got to meet all the vendors. Loved Anita the tour guide. Had a great time. Wow, thank you. Oh, my gosh. I had tons of fun here at the market. And with so much great food to chose from, I’m definitely not going home hungry.

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