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The city of Arequipa was founded on the th of August by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro nearly all of the colonial era buildings which were built by slave labor are made from a white volcanic stone called see are earning arequipa the name the white city fifteen eighty, and expanded in the th century at its height the santa catalina monastery was practically a city within a city housing over people about a third of them were catholic nuns the rest were servants cloistered together in a community there are twenty has more containers here. I enjoy the monastery with all of its architecture, and the gentle limes in the Spanish feel, and that’s just.

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I enjoy South America for that reason almost no most urban idea Claudia not sure anybody is in your Nick Seymour you say Dominique I’ll make sure that what they have us an expectation, it’s for Peru, and not from where they are from. So what they make sure is that they have a new memory card in their brain. I’m just telling her let’s do it well her wife is distracted on their tell movies she has wonderful spirit music Edina still that’s been a wonderful further exposure to the Peruvian people, and culture customs and We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

So we just arrived to the local market called medicago centralism camilo. This is where the locals come, and buy their daily food, and their daily groceries all the way from hats to me to potatoes, and good juices, it’s a lot of fun garlic fresh is very strong every day they mean it, and they said one song is that for the fruits, and the vegetables make me want to move into the park it. Because there’s.

So many different kinds of fruit, and vegetables that we don’t have in the US, and we were able to sample some of them, and it was fantastic they could be the market is sort of a melting pot for Peruvian people culture, and food. I think and I enjoyed that very much throughout the centuries the Andes Mountains of Peru, and Bolivia have hosted some of South America’s most enduring, and influential civilization Peru. I also wanted to go to Bolivia because.

I’ve not been to Bolivia before venture through the streets of arequipa, and La Paz discover vibrant indigenous cultures surrounded by the colonial charm of Spanish built cities my father always used to say that he loved Latin America. Because the people were. So warm and I hate that’s.

So true from the waters of Lake Titicaca to the plunging depths of colca canyon what discoveries await you in this little-known region of the Andes.

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