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The smell of incense and stored grain made me sleep lightly Chongqing Map , and a camel caravan arrived for water during the night.’ But it was an Chongqing Map improvement on the following night at a temple where she slept sandwiched between two coffins. The first temple that I saw in the hills was the Temple of Azure Clouds, built as a nunnery in 1331. Nearby was the temple of the Arhats which has five hundred statues of Buddha, carved from wood and covered in thick gold lacquer each representing a different Bodhisattva. From the path I had taken it was not far to another pavilion. To my surprise it was a memorial to Sun Yat-Sen, whose Kuomintang forces ruled China for a brief spell.

Back in 1870s, Holly was a quiet little town. The hub was centered around the hardware/general store. This was the place where locals would come to purchase daily supplies, share news and gossip.

On a late June evening, 1879, an unknown person torched the store. It wasn’t the first attempt by this incendiary, but this time he was successful.

Because of the late hour no one noticed the fire until it was out of control. To make things worse, a powder magazine in the back room was consumed by the flames and exploded. The force of it blew off the roof and caused a massive fire that took out more than ten buildings and homes.

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