Honeymooning in Brighton

Come on in everybody how you guys doing today we are leaving London to go to the South we’re going to Brighton today catch the training it’s a bit of a miserable foot of a miserable weather day down London. So hopefully it’s a little bit better down in the south oh no really for also just going to enjoy the nice ride this is really doing by back when we went through Europe then for train the entire time it’s actually such a super relaxing way to travel our favourite way welcome to prices where you expectin it the big of a translation what if it was just a small country town I think it’s beginning. But we are exciting oh if aunt amel Mason in Brighton about to be here it’s so nice this is huge brighter than marina. So I was like if we wanted to spend a couple of nights in London, and get the city vibe, and now we want to get like the beach vibe of the UK, and we are right on the marina let’s have a look this place is huge I saw it come from London you get like back to normal hotel sizes making like here the semi-dome girls Wow. But for that first time ever going to the water in the UK it is very steep that’s a really cool view it’s not seen on the docket is actually bringing back fives of Croatia just like oh my G mr. mrs. Perry congratulations on your honeymoon we hope you enjoyed you enjoy your favorite us hi regards from the now Brighton team they were something no chunky Paula pretty cool.

Honeymooning in Brighton Photo Gallery

But look at this look TV let’s have a look at the bathroom nice nice sighs are you all right that was really cool do you like doing that much progress. But it’s out of the Connie sellecca to result Bob it’s even arriving the wall this place is nice it kind of looks like San Francisco. But, I’m not being – I don’t know here with a five first San Francisco Brighton. But, I’ll show you Brighton. Because all the Europeans came to really enjoy your chalky, I’m going to grab a piece, and then maybe we’ll do lunch, I’m hungry man it’s like two o’clock it did take us a while to get in. So because it is a beautiful Sunday here in England azubu waiting for the Rangers hard.

So we decided let’s have lunch at the hotel restaurant, and celebrate our honeymoon we’ll have an agenda bit like to be as we’ve never had some give up can’t stay at the marina, and not try some of the seafood Oh what your turn that is I think this is pocket toggle John, I’m taking with the seafood theme. But um this one beside you go outside, and take photos of his fries. Because we liked how it said your fryer only, I’m gonna add my hat off of me holding it with the harbor, and background, I’ll take my photo, and just snap I just feel this, and like a seagoing period totally a little out of my pride, and blew away my heart like I would walk going on, and I wish I’d push the shuttle, and God you already got such a good char for my – the white power here when something just like can you don’t know where seagulls on nasty Jerrod let’s get me the first time we’re going on UK beat freakin hero George it’s just. So weird we need water we need to in the UK we’ve had our fun Beach thank God. But a bit more at hand. So come down to the laneways on gosh kissing my head’s everywhere oh you look cute with the wet hair. But yeah we’ve come to the laneways they’re very very beautiful you’re cute actually, I’ll go with that cutest pub enough after getting stuck in this rain we decided to retire back to the hotel room to have some nice tea a rhubarb, and ginger cookie, and PUK you look very coochie well being we’ve also got the laptop app we might watch some game of Thrones have some tea, and just like relax oh I can’t believe this some amazing summer winds, and we’re happy good luck I know this is looking beautiful winter’s day in Perth it’s wrong a hundred fifty to saying Lord Hey everybody how you guys doing I say, and it looks a little bit less wet today by the way definitely we can actually go, and explore we tried yesterday got stuck in the rain, and then had to run back we did by the way this marina area it’s um it’s probably about a half an hour walk outside of the main like Brighton area.

But it’s worth a visit it’s like a cute little, I’m calling it Hilary’s. But English style it is very cute to walk around even if you just come down here to grab some ice cream go look at the boats it’s nice no one’s awake yet though. Because it’s like Corp on site I feel like we didn’t get our brand experience gifts that’s going to wake up early today we only have two days here, and we’re going to go ahead in delay that some brekkie add some chalky chalky laying hot -. Because the weather is a lot better today it is scheduled to rain in the afternoon. But we’re going to go, and find ourselves some breakfast, I’m hungry. So I was trying to navigate these main ways it feels a little bit more difficult cause name that we’ve have degree that really these lanes are so cute I can’t get over them oh there it is how good is that name chalky or key dude our guys realized we were probably a bit too keen for the lanes they don’t really open until 10:00 10:30, and it’s like 10 past 9:00. So on the hunt for like a nice little bakery just to get some coffee, and prefer by fluke, and find a cool nice looking on here.

But I think right people have it I don’t think it was that much you know it’s not hard at all I can smell breakfast just know that place doesn’t look cool enough we need to find another place like if you did breakfast okay this is the place you found a look super cute inside out yes sure yeah you got like no relief in that one yeah yeah that’s all right well let’s mix it up. So we can say sorry do I wanna know yeah that’ll be nice you Pinterest enjoy a little breakfast I don’t even know what they’re going to take the other collector it’s like it’s very Steven to change them on the outside yes or to be soup bowl sign to get us through the day taking photos you got to try it take care yeah it’s super chocolaty mm-hmm I think you’ve tried enough when you get in that it’s really good and. So it’s going to be way too full today mm-hmm can you feel go to chalky walk he do dyes yeah, I’m done that was actually freakin amazing I can see why everyone talks about visiting that plane. Because we went online to see some spots to go through oh yeah everyone recommend um Don’s Donuts in that flower pot light no both really good, and that done belly or not makes it until they sold its Ella, and I reckon, I’ll be sold up in medical 30 minute line. Because this is what I mean when Brighton looks like something’s discovered on the beach you have like that design, and then the water is right there down that indeed we did one down the game come on dad, I’m sorry go over there Gargi yes thank you God come on I want to get this done how to get him go get him money four seconds left would you get 18 knots I am I get some tickets music don’t spend them all up on guys I’ve actually never been on a horror train before I don’t know if I could go on one let me know if you guys have been on one, and what they like hi guys stephenie’s usually really go to the ducking games. So he’s trying. So stretches on took expect me to start to play Oh Bobby urgency and.

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