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Lively tango resonates off the colorful walls in a Buenos Aires neighborhood seaside Chilean towns, and streets that inspire the writer Pablo Neruda, and heartfelt South Americans celebrating their diverse ancestors, and people are very friendly. I think they really know. How to enjoy life on a journey across the continent through European influence cities, and Andean Mountain talents what discoveries await you entering the massive neoclassical gates of the recoleta cemetery reveals a hidden city of former notables, faults, and mausoleums holding the remains of past presidents Nobel Prize winners, and even one of Napoleon’s granddaughters you don’t feel like you’re in a cemetery you look like you’re in an old village in Old Town Atwood beautiful architecture Eva perón’s monument her tune where she’s buried after being moved. So many times after her death a champion of women’s suffrage, and labor rights in her life first lady Eva Peron was honored after death with the title of spiritual leader of the nation by the Argentine Congress do you recognize the drawers that are all around this male pyramid at the beginning was for justice, and nowadays, it’s for memory Vickie is our is our program director, and she’s just been wonderful we actually call her mama even though she’s about.

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I know a lot more about Latin America, and South America than. I’ve ever known before and I was a history teacher. So she taught me a lot of things that.

I didn’t know in South America the only ones that play soccer are men. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to teach men that we can play soccer, and we’re going to make it competitions ladies against gentlemen. I was apprehensive about traveling with the group because.

This is a first vacation we ever took with other people, it’s been very good and We’ve been having a lot of fun together met a lot of interesting people they’ve rolled traveled. So. We’ve had a lot of interesting things to talk about Buenos Aires first merchant, and fishing port La Boca retains a strong Old Continent flavor many of its early settlers came from the Italian city of Genoa beautiful streets lots of people open an open city open the different ideas the u. s.

Is much more of a melting pot. I think especially here in Argentina, and in Chile they have maintained their roots their identity people. We’ve met, and we had our home hosted dinner last night got to talk to brother around the world my first empanada true to the Salta style of preparation these empanadas are made with spicy beef red pepper, and green onion wrapped in wheat flour dough empanadas actually lent a tangle a composite of rhythm, and voice tales of love solitude, and struggle was born out of the slums of Buenos Aires in the late s being in progress or anything else have fun in addition to European influences this dance was also shaped by the Kendall Bay ceremonies of former black slaves the highlight of today was the tango lesson we were learning. How to slide our feet making sure that we really followed our partner.

I love we have really mastered the tank when is that. I think we made a lot of new friends. So we hope to travel with them again that would be wonderful the variety of people the culture the history everything from the inspiring Indian Peaks that surround Santiago City to the sound of shuffling feet dancing tango in the streets of la boca there’s many great countries people are very proud of their heritage, and it’s been great to have that heritage shared by those people with us sorry he didn’t come and I would tell my friends that you have to see South America they don’t know what they meant at the southern end of the continent discover Chile, and Argentina.

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