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Lithuania imagine walking cobblestone streets of the medieval Vilnius up the hill of witches, and the long barren beaches of the Baltic Sea the story of the Baltics is best learned at ground level in the midst of its people after countless Wars occupations, and even a singing revolution these countries have reemerged to reveal their splendor to the world formed by the waves, and winds of the baltic sea the spit is shared by Luther Lena, and Russia now just be enjoying the fresh air, and water, it’s constantly drifting sand dunes are also a Beach combers delight for thousands of years high-quality amber torn from the bottom of the Baltic by fierce tides, and storms have been deposited along this tiny sliver at one time the collection of amber was a risky business closely monitored by the government under draconian amber laws of each coastal village along the baltic at its own gallows four amber thieves here we are in the amber gallery in a landscape unique to Lithuania the hill of witches contains wooden sculptures on a series of trails we have.

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So many fairy tales that not all of them they are written in the books. So most of them they are told just from one person to another. This is what mothers they are doing for children before going to bed normally they do not read the book they tell one of the Fenian fairy tales.

I think the stories really make the sculptures depict characters from Lithuanian folklore, and pagan traditions, it’s just enough balance between what the usual tourist sees, and the surprises the people of Lithuania, and the Baltics have against great adversity, and foreign occupation kept their culture, and religious beliefs intact recent independence of these countries has allowed them to open their borders both to one another, and also to the outside world you.

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