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Italian Centre 7 John Street

Italia Statue

Sculptor: Alexander Stoddart

This striking neo-Classical figure of a personified Italy bears a number of features associated with Italian culture, amongst them the palm branch in the figure’s raised right hand and the inverted cornucopia in her left hand. The helmet she wears further recalls classical antiquity. It was designed to acknowledge the historical influence of Italian artisans on the Merchant City.

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Department for Environmental Health 23-25 Montrose Street


Sculptor: William Kellock Brown

Fittingly installed atop the loft of the Department for Environmental Health is a statue of Hygieia, the Greek Goddess of Medicine and Sanitation. A pair of snakes twist their way round her body to drink from a bowl in her left hand. The statue has been badly weathered and requires restoration.

Merchant Square and Old Fruitmarket 71 Albion Street

Architect: John Carrick

Over the Bell Street entrance to Merchant Square is a mask of Athena, the grey-eyed goddess of the arts. Further up Candleriggs, we can see an enormous sandstone sculpture of a bowl of fruit, sitting on top of the Old Fruitmarket, designed in 1886 by John Carrick.

Tron Theatre 63 Trongate

Cherub and Various Decorative Sculpture Sculptor: Kenny Hunter

The psychedelic collection of buildings and sculpture surrounding the Tron Theatre includes the Tron Steeple, dating from the 1590s, as well as a cherub and skull forming part of a 1990s redesign commissioned by Visual Arts Projects. A ‘tron is the beam with which trading goods were officially weighed on entering the city walls.

Glasgow City Council Departments of Architecture and Related Services 18-58 Albion Street 20-46 Trongate

Pediment Group and Associated Decorative Carving Sculptors: Holmes & Jackson Architects: Thomson & Sandilands

This red sandstone block is a combination not only of tenement and warehouse, but also of the Edwardian and Baroque styles. It was erected as part of an extensive redevelopment of the area, and features female figures of Law and Justice above the Albion Street entrance, reclining against a cross of St George.

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