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Barcelona bustling markets inviting people sunny beaches, and stunning architecture the capital of the region of Catalonia, and Spain ‘he’s second largest city barcelona wears its rich, and varied history on its sleeve a fierce local pride in this place is readily apparent to all who visit. So extend your trip with a few extra days here, and drink it all in the winding alleyways of Barcelona’s gothic quarter or barri gotic offer visitors a glimpse of medieval Barcelona some of the structures in this charming section of the city were built with the first Roman settlements of Barcelona today the serpentine streets, and hidden courtyards house shops, and eateries street musicians, and farmers markets a Samana vendor okay. So men can take a loss trash heroes puede venir aquí a probe RDK.

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So not far from the Gothic quarter lies the fiend Sagrada família Cathedral this massive unesco world heritage site is the unfinished masterpiece of Catalan architect Antoni gaudí originally started by architect francisco de paula divya Gaudi took over in, and then devoted his entire life to its construction this breathtaking mix of gothic, and geometric Art Nouveau depicts the life, and acts of Jesus Christ while being influenced by natural forms, and structure tree trunks honey combs, and shells rise above the city with a trip up the wooded slopes of manju eke he’ll take in the unfettered views of Barcelona, and explore historical landmarks like castillo de mon doing a th century fortress visitors, and locals agree there is nowhere quite like barcelona yo creo que sobre todo ambiente ki es diferente estado note rasa dades param barcelona siempre y algo que hacer en las calles no se tiene como algo especial from its coastal views – gaudi’s fairytale architecture Barcelona is a city you will not soon forget Barcelona the capital of Catalonia, and the second largest city in Spain hosts some of the most important architectural achievements in the world in barcelona won the RIBA royal gold medal for its architecture the first, and only time the winner has been a city, and not a person barcelona very very important city as important. I can be as Madrid where you can find. I mean between the Ramblers the market of La Boqueria Christopher Columbus the Barceloneta from that, it’s nice to get lost in between the little roads of the Gothic area the Gothic quarter is the center of old Barcelona many of the buildings date from medieval times some from the much earlier days of Roman settlement the Barcelona Cathedral was constructed throughout the th to th centuries, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona looking up visitors will see that, it’s spires pinnacles, and arches are all reaching to the heavens to connect the cathedral with God.

Because these are always magnificent just just a dream, it’s magnificent, and the square is just. So fun to watch the people go by. So much, it’s lovely lovely strolling the streets of Barcelona can feel like the height of your exploration but in Spain lunch can be an adventure in itself when tapas are involved some say that the original tapas were slices of bread or meat used by sherry drinkers, and taverns to cover their glasses between sips preventing fruit flies tapas have since evolved to blend ingredients, and influences the invasion of Romans introduced the olive the discovery of the new world tomatoes chili peppers maize, and potatoes the serving of tapas is designed to encourage leisurely conversation allowing time to discuss the variety of ingredients in each bite the Sagrada família an architectural marvel not yet finished was the all-consuming obsession of Antony Gaudi the figurehead of Catalan modernism his highly individualistic style was marked by his three big passions in life architecture nature, and religion the design has been claimed to be the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages, and the true testament of gaudí’s genius lies within none of the interior surfaces are flat they consist in large part of abstract shapes combining smooth curves, and jagged points even detail level work such as iron scepters, and railings are full of curvaceous elaboration Gaudi was born in Catalonia he was known for studying every detail of his creations integrating a range of crafts in which he was skilled ceramics stained glass wrought iron work forging, and carpentry oh the architecture is spectacular very interesting and I like the variety between, and seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO the Sagrada família is known as his masterpiece the project he worked on until his death at which point only the Crypt the apse walls one portal, and one tower were finished construction is projected to be completed in the centennial of gaudí’s death the Ania Olimpica or Olympic ring is located in the hills of Barcelona, and was the main site for the Summer Olympics part same like as years ago.

I remember the games but it. I’m seeing like, it’s years the facilities consist of the Olympic Stadium the st. George’s Palace Sports Hall the telecommunications tower, and the PI Cornell swimming pools International crowds surged the stairs, and halls cheering over, athletes from countries it is a fabulous fabulous place enjoyed every minute of it the Ania Olimpica was designed around the main square now the complex hosts a variety of sport, and music events from the region’s oldest heritage, BC to the th century gothic influences to the moderns, and now with gestures towards the future Spain’s living diversity of culture intrigues, and inspires, it’s great to be able to see past history.

This is the home of my ancestors my Spanish ancestors, and it’s a joy to walk the streets although. I tend to get lost a little bit now, and then but the people are always friendly what more can. I say, it’s a fabulous fabulous place to visit you.

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