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It took me a day to walk up, with frequent Best cities visit China stops to gasp for breath in this thin air, and I spent the night in an Best cities visit China empty log-cabin. From the pine forest I emerged above the tree line into alpine grasslands and continued upwards through a snowy landscape. There were no footprints in the snow, only the tracks of an antelope. One more gulley crossing, slithering on the loose, icy scree, brought me on to the glacier. I picked my way cautiously down its nose to where the trickle of water began, though I could hear it long before it was visible as it ran hidden beneath a cover of ice and snow. The stream’s first steep drop was fronted by a cascade of icicles.

Bev and I enjoyed meeting J.R. and Jules and truly appreciated their permitting access to investigate this historic property. They had all been incredibly patient and accommodating throughout the entire lengthy and very wet process.

We got into the car and quickly turned the heater to high. Ah, thank goodness for modern-day inventions. We may still have been drenched but we were at least warm. As we made our way back home, Bev shared her experience in the back room, which made both of us eager to begin the audio analysis.

Now for the evidence, we’ll get right down to it. Wind was a real problem throughout the investigation. It contaminated some of the audio but certainly not all of it.

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