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Located just past Concord on I-85, Kannapolis is about 30 miles from Uptown City. It’s best reached by car, though transit options are available. The Concord Kannapolis Area Transit RIDER ($1, 704/920-7433, runs to Kannapolis (and throughout Cabarrus County). Connections to the City Area Transit System (CATS, $0.60-3, 704/336-7433, www.charmeck. org/departments/CATS) are available, but the transfers and connection timing make it an unpleasant mode of travel. Amtrak (800/872-7245, arrives in Cabarrus County at Kannapolis Station.

No other country in the Americas can match this horrendous figure Benin Map Tourist Attractions . Several factors contribute to the high infant mortality rate. They include inadequate medical facilities and personnel Benin Map Tourist Attractions ; midwives, rather than trained physicians, attend most births. Sanitation facilities are poor, with most Haitians lacking access to clean water and adequate sewage disposal. Many youngsters suffer from inadequate diets. Each of these conditions worsens in the rural environment where half of all Haitians live.

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