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1766 Antonio de Ulloa, the new Spanish governor of Louisiana (which France had ceded to Spain in the Treaty of Paris in 1763), arrives in New Orleans. Uzbekistan Subway Map He will attempt to reorient the economy of the colony from that of the French Empire to the Spanish. The Philadelphia Quaker schoolteacher Anthony Benezet publishes Caution and Warning to Great Britain and her Colonies on the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominions, an influential denunciation of slavery.

Colonial resistance prompts the British Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act. 1767 The British Parliament imposes the Townshend duties on imports to the colonies including lead, paper, glass, and tea. The Commercial Conduct of the Province of New York Considered, by A Linen Draper, is published. It advocates the establishment of manufacturing. 1768 Henry William Stiegel founds a glassworks at Manheim, Pennsylvania, planning to manufacture the highest quality glass yet made in Country. The New York Chamber of Commerce, the first such organization in the English-speaking world, is organized and will receive a patent from the Crown in 1770. The chamber turns its attention to regulating the values of the various currencies in circulation in New York. A revolt in New Orleans forces out the Spanish governor, Antonio de Ulloa. The rebels protest against the policy of orienting Louisiana to the Spanish economy and claim that Ulloa will force them to drink Spanish wine instead of Bourdeaux.

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