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Being three-storey, there was only one possible candidate Luzhou Map Tourist Attractions and it fitted my mother’s description exactly in the way it faced sideways with its front verandah Luzhou Map Tourist Attractions leading on to the garden. Its tall garden wall hid the ground floor from the lane, and the iron gates were locked. So I knocked loudly and repeatedly but no one answered. The house looked empty but not derelict. A passer-by said that it now belongs to the security bureau, but its purpose is unknown. When the elderly resident arrived we shook hands and she seemed pleased that I’d come here, yet suspicious of me.

As we talked Laura explained she has been with the Calumet Theater for some time. She loves its history and beauty along with the creative energy of the performances. She is heavily involved with the Friends of Calumet Theater fundraising group dedicated to preserving its beauty and history.

Laura Miller, Executive Director responsible for much of the work and fundraising necessary to maintain the theater.

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