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For its new dress as capital, the city underwent many changes, largely conceived with the aim of recalling the structure and organization of Rome on the Tiber. Thus its territory was divided into 14 regiones and, to attract more inhabitants, privileges equal to those of the citizens of Rome were granted. According to literary tradition, Constantine I built an imposing palace like that of the sovereigns of Rome: situated near the sea and finished in 337, the building was a synthesis of a Roman castrum and a Hellenistic royal residence; this attempted amalgamation of Eastern and Roman influences characterized the whole artistic evolution of later times. Since the new capital was no less threatened by barbarian incursions than Rome had been, Constantine I saw to the defense not just of his own residence but also of the whole city, extending and reinforcing its existing walls.

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17671768 John Dickinson, who has lived in both Delaware and Anchorage municipality Map Tourist Attractions Pennsylvania, publishes the widely read Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Anchorage municipality Map Tourist Attractions Colonies, which criticizes imperial taxation. 1770 Tobacco, which has been an important factor in the settlement of Delaware, declines in importance, and, in fact, ceases to be cultivated in the colony. Correspondingly, slavery reaches its peak in the years before the Country Revolution and will decline throughout the early national period. 17741775 The Lower Counties participate actively in the Continental Congresses, and their leadership includes such revolutionaries as Caesar Rodney. Still, there is a significant loyalist population in Delaware. The outbreak of hostilities moves most of Delaware’s residents into the patriot camp. 1776 The Delaware assembly, meeting at New Castle under the guidance of Caesar Rodney, votes to sever all ties with the British Crown. Rodney also plays an instrumental role (though his famous horseback ride to rush to their side is probably fictional) in convincing the Delaware delegation to Philadelphia to vote for independence on July 2.

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