Daytrip From Stratford: Warwick Castle


Climb to the top of the towers of one of England's finest medieval castle and see the countryside unfold like a vision of medieval times. The castle dungeons are filled with life-size wax soldiers preparing for battle, while knights and craftsmen talk about their trades. Make sure to catch the castle's seasonal events, such as summer jousting tournaments and fireworks displays. (Open Apr.

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Daily 10am-6pm; Oct-Mar. 10am-5pm; £13, students £9. 80; early Sept. To early May £1-2 discount. ) Trains arrive from Birmingham (40min.

2 every hr.£3. 80) and Stratford (20-40min. Every 2hr.


The main section runs from the bows to just aft of the engine room. The starboard side is virtually collapsed into the sandy bottom, while the port side stands around 4 metres high. Forward of the decks have all gone and it is possible to see sections of the ribs and keelson.

The forward sheerwater is still in place and the gun and searchlight are reported to be lying on their sides. The bridge is one of the highest parts of the wreck and is handy to anchor to. When the wreck was first dived, the radio room was still easily recognisable as an open box, and ladders and brass railings were all in place, but this area has been showing signs of collapse.

The boiler room is well open just aft of the bridge with both boilers still in place. The area on either side of the paddle boxes is intact, and in good visibility it is possible to see right across the wreck at its widest point. Behind the paddle boxes the wreck peters out, with the stern section nowhere to be seen.

Most of the remains of both paddle wheels are still in place: the wood has long gone but the brass parts are still there.

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