Best Travel Destinations Victoria

Best Travel Destinations Victoria

Regarding their first impressions and memories, the near-21 year old son and 18+ daughter vividly remember riding on the colourful and thrilling Dumbo “The Flying Elephant”; riding the horses in Cinderella’s Golden Carousel; seeing and meeting the Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell early in the town square; and, being ever so full of amazement and excitement.

I, too, remember seeing Dumbo looking like a great big octopus, with each tentacle lifting and lowering an elephant that was filled with a captive but excited young human or two. The iron monster provided a thrilling, rotating ride, as it soared high above the waiting and watching crowd!

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I don’t think that either one of our children knew about or jiggled the joystick in their Dumbo that operated the hydraulic arm that raised and lowered it during the ride; but, you know who children are – they learn, observe, tinker with and copy fast.

As we all know, Disney caters to children of all ages – on land and on sea; and, there is a child in each of us; so, even we, the parents, also enjoyed the runaway railroad ride through Thunder Mountain.

However, out of that memorable ride is a warning I now issue to all who read this. The camera that was slung around my neck became a really dangerous weapon; for, the train’s great speed and roller coaster motion caused me to let go out it; and, hold on to the rails – not really for dear life – but, in the heat of the thrill. The camera went into a wild spin around my neck; and, crashed beside me on some inside part of the train. The impact could have taken off a face, had it struck someone!

Despite this – and, one other incident – our three days at the Caribbean Beach Resort and our daily visits to the Magic Kingdom compete with the cruise leg which f on the Disney Wonder as the most exciting and enjoyable days of our lives.

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