Finding Paradise in Kota Kinabalu

Hey everybody, and welcome to Kota Kinabalu we’ve taken some time off from volunteering to have a bit of a break bit of a holiday with so much fun stuff planned for you over the next 48 hours hello this is mr. thank you so much now this is how you get picked up oh thank you so much, I’ll get it for him oh wow thank you Michael it’s your driver mr. Hanafi hi we do love you yeah I mean you know what oh yeah thank you happy oh wow thank you bye please be lucky oh my gosh stupid child let me know Stephanie lately it’s chopping on like a little my building okay all right guys we just arrived to our room, and it is so very beautiful, I’ll quickly give you guys a room to up.

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So we’re staying in the ocean wing here’s the bed the best bed is this view look at this guy’s it’s amazing we also have a gigantic hot tub and, I’m pretty sure we’re going to go in later tonight. Because that is amazing, and we have this like giant shrine patio, and then we have this view Kota Kinabalu is so beautiful there’s a giant pool down there which we’re definitely going to be using later you know sexy how big the building is like look at all those rooms how beautiful is that guys alright f it, I’ll just show you a little bit more of our rooms a wall over that window you can see our best through there how cool is our scene. So bah bah, and I are you yeah we got the bed got like a little decimal space sit on the spresso machine, and then we’ve got a closet another closet. But true here is the bathroom double vanity it is so big we have a shower, and also the big I love these things. But oh my gosh this place looks.

So bloody lovely. So guys we’re not just going to be lounging out looking outside of this amazing view just in front of me we actually have some really fun dock plan during our stay here. So we can show you around Kota Kinabalu, and it’s actually been really hard for us. Because is a certain moment, and we love celebrating at ETA I think we’ve done like an Easter egg hunt together ever since we’ve known each other even Qube back to like Canada where, I’m pretty sure Jess planned a really cute Easter egg hunt. But that’s not the point Jeremy later don’t really celebrate Easter. But yes there’s 47 little eggs or eater at this hotel they do they have like all these festive Easter things at like Easter egg hunt, I’m really pumped to show you guys what we’re going to be getting up to even though I just want to sit here on that bath, and watch the sunset all righty guys even I’ve now got ready, and we’re going to go out, and have a couple of cocktails, and then we found out that here they have a restaurant, and they do it’s a good Japanese restaurant, and they do what’s good against Teheran jobs teppanyaki which is like where they cook the food in front of you click on a hot plate, and we’ve always wanted to do that. So we’ve booked into 7 o’clock that yeah we’re having like a little date night thing is this for Easter long weekend this weekend here, and also we’re kind of celebrating as well.

Because well the Sun is beautiful oh my gosh it’s a little bit brighter here actually isn’t it. But you can be my shadow see this here taken some photos here the like past few months we’ve been trying to plan our wedding we’re getting married now in like just over three months we’ve been planning our wedding while traveling abroad, and our wedding is abroad. So it has been quite a hectic today we actually got an email saying that our wedding rings are ready to get picked up when we get back to Perth our wedding cake is also getting finalized as well. So it’s all feeling very real we’re going to go out to dinner to celebrate that let’s go we have to go in this later oh it’s happening hello good wow so much oh that’s the goal thank you don’t say if you want to try thank you what’s this stuff on top of that granny gully YUM do they say when in Japan gotta have the truck big oops up like Japanese, and mushroom perfectly before I lose my head have you guys come support many overload what happened we had our guys last meal laughter be needs our tofu this looks. So good look, I’m not too short you guys like us the faces that we need to in a few live stream to them they cannot see my Instagram, and Facebook. So make sure you take out those things. Because I realize these laws about a week, and a half behind if you want to see it like shopping today make sure you go to our Facebook page what is it like surrounded is something in this ice cream in the middle guys you know what sorry good we just come up they had a little earring story that I sell for coffee out of a little bit of a treat which, I’ll show you yeah come on Easter is a really good Easter eggs.

So we instead found Easter cake have a look oh it looks. So good I think up carrot cake I love it that looks good look at it tara misu oh yeah celebrates of Easter oh wait the bunnies legs he’s like going into the hole oh how are you get it that’s so cute, and we got coffee let’s go we got a champagne I saw I know we just came in for turndown service, and he has a bottle of champagne we should totally go pop it out here oh this looks. So no way. Because you just come outside put that down they’ve build up our Passover dinner with some rose petals this is so cool Wow all right guys we’re going to sit here this is nothing like that now look at that, and then that’s going to be of you really need champagne coffee try real try celebrate this is like the perfect way to end the night this is so cool alrighty guys I think we’re going to enjoy our champagne, I’ll coffee a little Easter fried I hope you guys had a really good Friday, and we will see you tomorrow this post is going to continue tomorrow. But this is a cool little celebratory wedding planning knife thanks so much guys you’ll see tomorrow Hey guys is currently.

So these are six yet 552 we have woken up. So early the Sun is just rising. Because we want to go on like a little sunrise walk before breakfast this area is meant to be like really nice, and they’ve got this like little trail that you take in the morning. So, I’m yes we’ve woken up super super early. But I’ve just had ha the best sleep ever , I’m peaceful at this time Hey cardigan a balloon oh my gosh just sorry pretty here what does it look like it post of The Bachelor started our walk, and what’s this Malaysian all there Vytas is casually chillin well right steps of 16 morning but. So we were sitting to get to office love listen to all the animals waking up in the morning what is that wow they just have this little canopy walk to stop here. So pretty much making our way towards the top, and fingers cost we get a good view of Mount Kinabalu catch my breath.

But we just made it to the top, and they set up a breakfast for us oh this is so cute and, I’ll show you guys Mount Kinabalu is just just behind the fog over there and, I’ll show you the view over those three mm fresh coffee in the morning I still can’t get over to the watermelons yellow here. So weird oh well I got the path take a look out we see anomalous earth mount to the balloon it’s hard to speak of the fog fog. So beautiful ah I just Sebastian breakfast, and they’ve given us, and like this is a handmade necklace finger thanks like our itinerary for the next few days well that looks. So fun what do you think I dunno parasailing, and Beach couples massage oh my god, I’m so looking forward to that oh my gosh after sis they set off a little funny house for Easter hey buddies oh there’s a little one over there it looks like they’ve set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids we won’t be partaking. But I want to do it I know it is quite good we will worry that here in Malaysia we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Easter. But, I’m feeling the festive season right now okay I might have to give them a few pointers on it where to hide the eggs.

Because they’re literally just everywhere oh this is so fun I think it’s starting soon Oh I want you become a little trying to keep trucking the escalator don’t care so he beat enough faith in my mess up a tear I want you. Because even when we’re trying to have a relaxing say, I’m boys up for adventure by the best adventures go on after them I wouldn’t be trouble you want this conside alrighty the best way to end a relaxing day is getting a foot massage that’s the sound of someone who’s never been eager flogs reflexology dumb full oh my gosh that was so good that was that first time ever trying reflexology it was amazing. But I felt really sorry for them. Because there’s leech bites like all over our feet nothing really bad folded. But it was so good are you like I can’t believe it’s taking this long since we like ever tried it really good still like pulling it off feet, and you just he click click click does it oh my gosh it was amazing. But now, I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat for lunch before we leave we’re so far yeah yeah you’ve had amazing massage like a guy we’re just checking out we thought we’d try something we’re going to do this Kota Kinabalu as a two-part series. Because everyone has been loving the extended blobs that we thought of just to show you what it’s like to do like a two-part, and then you guys can let us know if you want to shorter posts or one extended post. But we’re quickly packing, and then we’re moving on to another resort ok guys with the theme of everything coming close to the wedding we’ve kind of put ourselves rooms where no carb, and no sugar diet, and we just went up to beautiful restaurant, and just ordered me she order for me a caprese salad which I’ve never had before, and and this is what was served to us it was through Pitesti butter this is going to be a tough two months I gave me Oh we’ll see you guys apart too.

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