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The emergence of independent bus companies have forced prices down and services up. There is an efficient and effective service to all parts of Spain linking up with international routes through France to the UK. Autobus Nacional offer Santiago to Bilbao from 40.

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TRAINS: An extensive and efficient service covers the country and, like the bus network, there are good links to the rest of Europe and the UK. Prices are generally competitive and similar to the buses.

CAR HIRE: If you can find three other passengers to share the cost then this is often a relatively cheap and convenient way to travel on to such places as Bilbao or Barcelona and flying on from there.

FERRIES: The advantage of sailing home is that you acclimatise slowly. If you have spent a month or more on foot at an average speed of 3 k.m.p. then a jet flight will catapult you 20,000% faster! Nearest options include: Ferrol / La Corunna / Vigo / Santander / Bilbao. The latter 2 have regular sailings to the UK. Brittany Ferries (Santander – Portsmouth) sail twice a week April to October. Basic one way fare (without cabin) around 115. P & O (Bilbao – Plymouth) sail throughout the year for a one way fare of around 105 (with cabin).

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