Vacation, and Cruises Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia

When you explore the lost kingdoms of the time allow the Vietnamese, and the Khmer.

You’ll meet the warm, and inviting descendants of these ancient civilizations discovers sacred temples, and opulent palaces discovering colorful cultures that spanned centuries you, it’s been everything that. I had that would be as as far as just a new adventure, and seeing a new country, and enjoying. I think what is a step back in time.

Vacation, and Cruises Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia Photo Gallery

So to speak in many respects, and it’s, it’s really been an enjoyable trip for us. I would highly recommend it as you explore our expert resident trip leaders will enrich your understanding of the region your accommodations balance the comfort of modern amenities with authentic lodgings at the heart of each stop on your itinerary each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery, and experience the rich Vietnamese tradition of puppetry during an evening performance with dinner in Ho Chi Minh City, and keep the discoveries going by adding extensions to your trip such as Burma, and the Irrawaddy River Rudyard Kipling called Burma quite unlike any place you know about from golden Rangoon to Mandalay, and beyond Burma is a jewel that’s remained hidden for decades, and no other travel company can take you there. So affordably or discover the deeply spiritual surely lush island in the middle of Indonesia on this extension.

You’ll experience Island hospitality, and cuisine in the home of a Balinese family, and visit a local coffee plantation in the scenic mountain area of kintamani you can also delve deeper into Thai culture as you venture into the past on our undiscovered Thailand extension. You’ll learn about the world war legacy of the bridge over the River Kwai before meeting traditional northern hill tribes, and finally entering into Chiang Mai as ancient city walls come discover it with E, and see why this corner of the world continues to mystify, and delight you.

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