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In a country known for its wide array of landscapes, and its unique cultural identity New Zealand’s Bay of Islands is an experience of both with a little extra time here what more could you learn perhaps a history lesson at the Waitangi treaty grounds or a leisurely stroll around the cities of Russell New Zealand’s first capital or maybe just the simple pleasure of taking in the best Nature has to offer with a snack of course located in the northernmost region of New Zealand’s North Island this aptly named natural harbour is home to almost Islands carved over centuries by wind, and water the iconic hole in the rock welcomes travelers to this sub tropical paradise just as it did for the region’s first European explorers.

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So even though Abel Tasman arrived here in never actually came ashore, and walked on the slain but it was one of his crew members that named this country New Zealand or New Zealand, and that was after one of their home province of back in Holland when they sailed away no one else arrived here for another hundred twenty-five years the next person to sail into our waters was Captain James Cook, and that was in located in the heart of the bay the Waitangi treaty grounds marks the site where representatives of the British crown, and native Maori chiefs signed the Waitangi treaty in considered to be the founding document of New Zealand as a nation travelers today can enjoy the restored treaty house in addition to the adjacent Mallory meeting house, and working even the panels in between the focus of the panels they also have various meanings, and they’re pretty much universal throughout their throughout the land the role. I play up here is. I’m pretty much not only a tour guide, and ambassador but a storyteller pretty much loved it as a former schoolteacher.

I would have very much enjoyed starting the class that way haha any questions about anything at all no Jesus Cabrillo Oh. So the most information to dissect yeah just across the bay the nearby Shore town of Russell functioned as New Zealand’s first permanent European settlement, and original capital the town features some of the oldest European style buildings in the country experience the origins of a nation amidst blue skies, and turquoise seas culture, and nature are on full display in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands Oh.

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