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The third morning of our journey was grey with a howling China travel restrictions wind that blotted out the view. Some ruined watchtowers lay near the road. They had China travel restrictions been tall structures, part of a defensive chain. Even their stumps stood high above the land, but now in ruins; they were being absorbed back into the desert. Other hummocks which puzzled me were many conical windswept mounds on an otherwise flat plain. To ask my fellow passengers what they signified I took a paper and pencil, drew a mound and put a questioning expression on my face.

With everything ready to go, we went dark. My first tour of duty would be with Brad’s team starting with a short stay in the captain’s kitchen. I took a photo of the table to log placement of dishes and silverware. If one of the spirits should decide to play with the table setting, as they are known to do, we would know.

Captain’s kitchen frequently has place settings and chairs moving.

EVP questions were asked as we watched and waited. When nothing out of the ordinary happened we moved to the next location. Before leaving I placed an audio recorder on the table to record any possible anomalous sounds or voices that might occur later in the evening.

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