Rocky Lake

Key Species: smallmouth bass, pickerel, white perch, landlocked salmon and brook trout possible

Best Way to Fish: canoe, boat

Best Time to Fish: May through September

MAG: 26, A-3

Description: This 1,555-acre lake is contained within the boundaries of the 10,904-acre Maine Public Reserve Land Rocky Lake Parcel. It is a wild and scenic natural area, with an abundance of wildlife. Campsites are available by the boat ramp at the mouth of the northern inlet, and on the southwest shore at Loose Rock. The latter is a water-accessed site, complete with Adirondack-style shelter. Rocky Lake is a great spot for families with children. From October 1 to November 30, all trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout, and bass must be released alive at once.

Fishing index: Smallmouth bass are the major species here, due to the dozens of rocky islands. Lead-head jigs and small plastic baits are top lures here. Paddle within casting distance of the shore and cast toward the island. If the water is calm, you may see a bulge in the water as a smallmouth bass dashes to intercept your lure. Carry a hook hone and use it often, because the hook point will be in constant contact with rocks. Fly fishers should use woolly buggers, black leech patterns with bead eyes, and small poppers.

White perch will be found in the deeper water at the lake’s center. Use worms, night crawlers, or small lead-head jigs. Allow your boat to drift until you locate a school of perch. Action is good on these species all summer, but brook trout and landlocked salmon anglers do best in late May and early June. You should not come specifically for trout or landlocked salmon, since these species are not regularly stocked.

Directions: From U.S. Route 1 in East Machias, turn left on Maine Route 191 and head north. Drive 9.5 miles, and look for a gravel road on the left, at the beginning of a sharp right-hand turn. The gated, gravel road leads to a hand-carry boat ramp and primitive campsite. Another vehicle-accessible campsite is located on South Bay, along with a hand-carry boat ramp.

For more information: Contact the Maine Bureau of Public Lands.

Rocky Lake Photo Gallery

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