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321 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 868-2866 Everyone assumes the theme of this bar has to do with its proximity to M.I.T. but there’s no relation. The real miracle here is that this trendy place, with its hip futuristic design, serves such terrific food so cheaply.

Big half-pound burgers are $4.75, as is the grilled chicken sandwich; there are several Mexican appetizers as well. The true standouts, though, are the skewer plates thick, juicy shish kebabs, creatively prepared. Try citrus thyme shrimp with chutney, or pomeroy beef and horseradish sauce. Each plate comes with tortillas, black beans, succotash, and mint cole slaw nouvelle chic in a bar. One-skewer plates are just $3.75, and two skewers are $7.50. Big desserts, too.

Lots of great domestic and imported beers are available; what’s not available most nights, unfortunately, is table space. The place is pretty small and extremely popular, so get there early if you plan to eat. Open for lunch and dinner, seven days.

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