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Beirut Metro Map and Country Region.

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1685 The governor of New York licenses Captain Johannes Rosenboom to trade with the western New York Native Countrys; this is in defiance of French claims over the area. Beirut Metro Map 1688 The Boston mint is closed by order of the English government. The first large colonial pottery works is set up at Burlington, New Jersey, by the governor, Daniel Coxe. The effort is short-lived.

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1690 William Rittenhouse and William Bradford construct the first paper mill in the colonies at Germantown, Pennsylvania.

This year also marks the approximate beginning of large-scale cultivation of rice for export in South Carolina. 1692 Arnout Viele, a Dutchman in English service, makes the first fur-trading expedition from Albany to Native Country settlements in the Ohio Valley.

1693 Jesuits in French North Country petition the governor of Canada to halt the trade in enslaved natives, which they claim hinders efforts at conversion. The governor accedes to their request, but the new prohibition is initially ineffective.

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