Baku Sumqayit Map

This is all a bit anticlimactical, and you are probably Baku/Sumqayit Map longing for a refreshing pint in Hartfield; the good news is that if you look to the Baku/Sumqayit Map left you should be able to see the church spire poking out of the trees. Watch carefully for a sign pointing left to Old Buckhurst. Shortly beyond that is a stile with a High Weald Landscape Trail waymark on it; go over the stile and follow the clear path through the field.

At the end of the field, go over another stile into a wood, then at the ensuing T-junction of paths turn left and almost immediately right, over a footbridge. Once over the bridge, fork right immediately, and proceed along a clear track, noting the showjumping field to your right. A pleasant walk follows, the track rising slowly but surely, passing through rolling pastures but with patches of woodland close by, albeit very tame compared with what has gone before.

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