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0.0 The hike starts on the Pine Plantation Trail at the west end of the parking lot.

0.1 Just before entering the pine plantation, turn right on the trail skirting the edge of the plantation.

0.2 Turn left and enter the pine plantation passing a trail on the right.

0.5 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike; turn right just after passing a trail on the left.

0.6 Five-way trail intersection; turn left onto the Continental

Divide Trail running along a sharp ridge.

1.2 Continue straight ahead crossing a snowmobile trail.

1.7 Pass a backpack camping site on the left. In 140 feet, come

to an overlook providing an excellent view of Wolf Lake to the northeast.

2.2 Intersection with a park road; turn left and hike about 1.1 miles passing three roads on your right.

3.3 Bear left onto a hiking trail leaving the road as it bears slightly to the right.

The number of active churchgoers is much lower. Sixteen percent Durham Metro Map of Haitians are Protestant, most of whom belong to various evangelical denominations. There are also a Durham Metro Map number of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Only 1 percent of all Haitians claim no religious affiliation whatsoever. About half of Haiti’s population practices Voodoo, which has been elevated to the status of an official religion in the country. Despite its being recognized as a religion, many Haitians hold two faiths, both Christian and Voodoo.

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