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If you could chart a course to discover true Mediterranean warmth where would you point your ship towards dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic as we walked we every place we went we turned, and saw a different thing the Dalmatian coast reflects a heritage of fractured kingdoms Greeks Romans the Venetian Republic, and in modern times Yugoslavia grow up on one of the islands that we are visiting during this trip. This is the end of court chula which is a typical mediterranean place typical mediterranean temperance style of life, and the mediterranean style of life is being very much outside. Because the climate were blessed with the climate.

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So we can stay outside most of the time of the year maybe nine ten months the village name grow matcha means dry stone wall one built without mortar local residents have enclosed crops, and animals with these walls for over, years dubrovnik thousand-year history is on display everywhere in the city a unesco world heritage site since it is both a museum, and a stage where cultural heritage meets contemporary life the roaming old town is the best-preserved medieval town in Europe that stayed the same as it was years ago, and that makes it very special dubrovnik smite iwal provided protection from the Ottoman Turks five centuries ago during the nineteen ninety-one war of independence the Yugoslavs shelled the city damaging two-thirds of his buildings brighter newer tiles mark the houses that were hit, and the roofs rebuilt when we think about history in the u. s. we think years is very very old, and then we get to Europe, and find years is nothing compared to what they have looked at, and the buildings that are still here. So many years later, and just the magnitude of what has been here for such a long long time Yugoslavia means land or Union of South Slavic people’s ethnic differences are subtle defined by religion Catholics are called Croats Orthodox Christians Serbs Muslims are called Bosniaks people here have been in Croatia have been very very friendly a course along the Dalmatian coast, and Greece offers experiences of a rich, and ancient world you could have read it in a book it wouldn’t have meant the same.

I’ve been very very impressed you.

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