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A great wilderness of the northwest home of the Rocky Mountains, and the columbia icefields a landscape.

So vast it can disorient, and dwarf human concerns visitors risk losing then rebuilding their perspective in this great wilderness will you the Columbia Lake is the start of the mighty Columbia River a, mile long waterway that winds through the Northwest to the Pacific Ocean the Columbia Lake resides in the rocky mountain trench a deep valley that parallels the Rocky Mountains the American black bear occupies a majority of North America’s sparsely settled forests dandelions, and wild berries are among the main sources of nutrition for these powerful creatures these bears can swallow over, berries in a single day this Continental Divide.

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Goes south along the Rockies of North America, and onward to the Andes of South America the town of Bath this was the first municipality to incorporate within a Canadian National Park, and a good base for day trips to nearby attractions BAMF residents, and visitors alike enjoy a variety of activities hiking skiing, and relaxing in waters piped in from the abundant natural Hot Springs bighorn sheep ventured into the northwest from Siberia by way of the Bering Land Bridge with few predators these sheep thrived at one point they numbered in the millions not until settlers arrived did their numbers fall, and fall to several thousand the Buffalo Nations Museum holds the objects, and stories of the people of the First Nations of North America embroidered blankets were crafted for sled dogs to make each dog more distinctive in the snow we will be staring a little deeper into the local Native American culture it was a history major and I try to continue it even though.

I’m retired history of whatever culture happen to these people happen to be visible lake louise was named in tribute to princess louise caroline alberta the daughter of England’s Queen Victoria Louise’s water is glacier-fed containing rock flower find silt sized particles of quartz, and feldspar that reflect blue, and green light giving Louise her majestic color a different birthday Columbia Icefield has six major glaciers we are on top of a glacier the era Baskar real ol vice Frances team, feet the Athabasca glacier is now receding eight feet a year a rate of approximately feet in an average human life span, it’s just really been very very interesting a lot of history that. I wasn’t aware the scenery, and the animals you’ve seen a lot of bear mountain sheep America, and Canada’s Northwest National Parks from glorious cowboy country to the great wilderness of the north experiences in a land of wide open horizons.

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