Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Reaching, feet into the sky Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the highest mountain in Tanzania but in the entire continent of Africa known as the roof of Africa this dormant volcano is surrounded by savanna Bush lands. This is where the ancient tribe of the Masai people make their home a semi-nomadic tribe the Masai live in family groups they stick to the traditions of their family’s ancestors with ritualistic ceremonies, and the practice of traditional medicine by Maasai healers such as William using psychic check seeds William is able to keep the tribe free of stomach problems as well as help Masai babies with colic within the, acres of a Masai private game reserve you never know what you will see or get to experience my culture like a Masai they like to live together like a one family father mother or sister’s grandmother.

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So the Masai like to live together like a you know the mass. I sometimes go live far away in the bushes sometimes they have a dry season. So the mass.

I move with the cows, and go to step to stay in the bush, and they lived there. So the hospital far from this day are the area massively. So they try to drinking a lot of medicine I’ll end the traditional medicine after circumcision about years, and – Lilly is very good medicine for day if you have problem for the stomach, and if you are a half cough you can take the plant, and to go to to boil it, and mix a little bit water, and milk, and drinking.

This is elephant poop. This is is medicine also if it the people headaches they put the fire from the elephant poop, and to cover covered like at disclose the diskens the smoke cup come out up, and today is smiling, and the headache go out this one is Africana in kaanum. This is very very good for using for the wind, and if you a cut yourself you can do like this we have something like a do is come out you can take like like this, and he put it do you do like this three days or four days it is clear.

I stay killing my job because, it’s my my place and I like to stay here because, it’s very good and This is good for my life my name is Simba that already. I was born around here in el remate area iust cleamen djaro okay my little dog my culture in general make them very unique. Because other tribes are lived in the town area our tribe which we are still in the world animals around us, and we don’t hunt them for the food we depend on our kettles we still to wear our cultural closes we are still to carry our local things but our other tribes not the most challenges these are people through our culture, it’s all about them when you go to school to get education there are some things you see when you do the the culture tight you all stop you to do that.

Because we still follow our culture oh yeah mama hey we like our culture. So we still look our culture to be above us the roles of people in general children men, and women’s each group has the own rows like men’s are the one who they are their family, and women sorry one hear their own family, and care the young baby babies for the children are the one who care the little kittens like Alf, and lamp we have a lot of importance to use our cow. Because we use our cow to say to sell it, and get the school fee to send there you are children to school, and buy things ubi IB hub very happy when.

I follow all things about my culture. Because we are we like to be together. So it is very nice to be together.

Because we cooperate when we’ll be together when somebody get a problem we solve we solve that problem quickly. So that the things. I like to be in my community discover a tribe steeped in ancient traditions in the largest country in East Africa Tanzania enjoy the breathtaking views of the largest standalone mountain in the world with a diverse landscape of giraffe filled prairies, and lush forests brimming with elegant birds the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable African safari ganja is wonderful he’s been very helpful he takes care of all problems.

I have a dream of being a safari guide for a long one as a little boy. I grew up in a family where my uncle was a safari guide in he. I am.

I will enjoy very much, and as part of my bucket list of my life. So right now we’re in a massive village we have to redo the chief. So we are able mr.

Joseph. I just and I’m going to welcome you inside eternally. So welcome the Maasai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding cattle their primary food source they believe that their God gave them all the cattle on the earth, and once had a reputation as cattle rustlers.

So they used to travel from one place to another. So a week they want to make fire there is a natural way of liquid fire we call it a bush matchbox. So they use akkad elephant dung plus the cedar wood, and a dry piece of acacia tree.

So they will do it together, and lastly you get the smoke, and whenever you see smoke there’s fire the Masai aversion to eating wild game or birds has made their lands rich with wildlife most Maasai tribes are enthusiastic about sharing their traditions, and ways of life with outsiders what’s wonderful. I was. So surprised.

I don’t even dance in America all the women are. So beautiful they say they start years old they teach them. How to jump we lived on for the prayer they’re going to bless you for yourself the trip to the masai village was incredible, and they were. So willing to share their culture with us, and that was a very very good experience.

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