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It is Monday March 7th 2018 5:30 in the morning our last morning in Costa Rica I woke up this morning in my back hurt. So bad I was icing it a bit.

But we’re gonna go into Jaco, and go to the local doctors. Because I I need to get my back looked at before I leave here I just hope there’s nothing you know too serious we woke up early. Because Jessica wanted to jump in the ocean one last time what do you mean rip tides oh you went out right in the middle the Riptide I thought I taught you how to pick those out well it’s still nice to wake up, and go on the beach before anyone gets down here you know I mean look at that there is not a single person on this beach right now I love how the water reflects like a mirror I know this is also the past three days it’s been kind of cloudy this is where the iguana’s like to hang out back here they like to scurry on these flowers back, and forth, I’m just waiting for Jessica now she’s changing we’re gonna go into Jaco we’re gonna grab a breakfast with Gary one last Costa Rican breakfast this trip went by. So fast I know it’s you always think that when you go on vacation like the first day or I go it’s gonna go by that. But then on the last day it’s like okay weird the past week go well look how stylish you are on your surfer hat let’s go get Gary empty AHA kohaku looks like a ghost town in the morning shops don’t even open up yeah we’re here. So early delicious breakfast sandwich coffee some of the best coffee I’ve ever had work this cafe now called you want to help me save this place it’s called Pandaria artisinal i like this. Because we’re nice, and early, and there’s no one out yet in Jaco the town is still very much.

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So asleep we’re still asleep while waking up a little bit well look at that bird Philip sparrow bird Oh just took a poop look at that little sparrow the bird reading down here has been phenomenal do you think. So all the McCall’s, and the Paris chatting with owner the place Alejandro a lot of the business owners down here very very nice people very hard-working we just got back to the surfing, and our ride doesn’t come until 9:45, and at 7:00 in the morning. So we still have a good two hours to kind of hang out, and I back to you, I’m better. So we’re gonna jump in the water really quick say one last swim for real this time one last swim to Costa Rica I think. So too apparently I was in the water I had my GoPro I was taking pictures of the waves. Because it’s kind of glass you know, and Jess had just come back down to the beach, and she’s like trying to signal for me, and I thought I saw something, and I wasn’t sure, and then yesterday a guy got stung in the foot by stingray. So I get out of the water.

Because Jess’s like waving at me she’s like oh I thought I saw something next to you there’s a stingray triangle shape thing yeah how close was it to me it was like this distance yeah. So I could have like well like that’s me like oh hey Stan reached out, and touched it yes that’s could you imagine if I would have got stung by a stingray after your back, and back injury stingray sting I think it’s time to go home for a little bit until the next tropical destinations Bahamas there’s no waves in Bahamas oh my god bye stinger yesterday. So you know yeah you still hanging out on the water no. Because I 100 percent. So I was a stingray I knew it too, I’m like. Because you know like when you’re surfing you see lots of fish, and it’s like you don’t want to think oh hey I know there’s sharks in here, and things like that. So you kind of just avoid it.

So if you do see something it’s like okay I know I saw that going to pretend I didn’t see it no that’s good the mindset there pretty chill about it just like doing their own thing like that stingray was just going taking wave after wave with you it was like he was playing with you hey he was kind of body surfing yeah he was literally like he would let the wave bring him back well that’s what they do they put the one wing in the air, and they body surf down the face of the wave with the wing out like a dolphin I was looking at this other day, and this is the mural on the surf end, and there is mr. stingray there’s the turtle there’s a nice wave breaking with the sunset yep there’s our two McCall’s right there it’s very very accurate to how it is here this mural I like it a lot we were at the bar last night we were talking to Gary, and we’re kind of like Jess, and I were bummed out that we’re leaving, and Gary’s like you know it is just one chapter, and your book of travels, and that’s such a cool way to look at it you know each trip each little adventure, and vacation is just a little book like in a journal, and you know this one isn’t ending the next one is just beginning it I like that way of looking at it I also like that way you’ve come in right there look at that going for the right oh there is there’s our boy mr. McCall up in the tree there he goes the craziest thing about all this is how vivid all the colors are here like the Blues, and the skies, and the greens, and the trees, and the rainbow, and the McCall’s the ocean blue even the blacks, and I love the blacks, and you can come up though I just check to see if we have everything although there’s like trash, and sunscreen yeah, and the manzanas Manzana my favorite word in the espanol, I’ll be right down we get theyself this is it goodbye surfin I don’t know this trip kind of filled me up with something new just the new a newfound lust for life I guess you could call you have about an hour until our pickup. So just kind of burn our stuff down, and hang on the beach for a little bit last few hours in paradise we’re saying goodbye to Gary, and Kristina the owner of the surf in one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met Gary good safe trip okay you you be careful Oh major dings that’s Gary’s Internet what’s the word alias major dings well we’ll keep you updated when we get on the flights, and okay thank you again Christina Eric we’re taking the transfer back to San Jose now to catch a 2:00 p.m. flight. So we have some time we just got to San Jose International we go checking for our flight now making good time the view from the airport is so ridiculous there’s like this constant cloud cover just hovering over these hills here in San Jose we’re all checked in Jessa’s at the gate now we got here like two hours early which is cool. Because I’d rather get to the airport early, and be waiting than half the rush last minute get on the plate. Because that’s just no fun. But, I’m gonna go find some food something salty, and something sweet right now we’re going to Fort Lauderdale they check your bags again before you get on the flight they took away our water and. So those. Because I always traveled a huge bottle of water to get on the plane. But I guess there’s some sort of like a liquid limit from coming from here to the US.

So it’s trying to buy my dad like from, and the guy was like oh yeah you can’t take any of these to do a little travel update we’ve been on the ground for over an hour they shot off the radar for some reason. So there’s been no flights in or out of San Jose guys calling our our connecting flight was time within six the most likely we’re gonna miss our next value. So we might be stranded either in Costa Rica or for you have another travel update when we plan out what’s going on here as you may know that’s were start engines, and we’ve been told that the radars come back on, and we’ll be parting here short to figure, and exactly our connecting customers, and at least for the flight to New York thank you oh good night all right. So we just landed yeah just a second welcome to Florida for about five more minutes maybe longer if our flight if our flight leaves without us we were delayed both leaving San Jose, and arriving in Florida. So now we’re rushing to catch our final flight to New York anything you wanna say we’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it thank you we made it next stop is New York City, and what Lauderdale B is true we do thank you for joining us enjoy your tablet or your and. So ends our first travel adventure together we left the surf in at 9:30 in the morning, and it is now just about 1 a.m. getting back to the apartment. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more more or less, and live your passion.

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