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Hey My name is Psalm Psalm bows. I’m from Delhi India.

I’m a witty trip leader, and eyelid heart of india tour my mom was a housewife, and my dad worked for a single company there. I grew up in a small town we had great time playing cricket, it’s not just a mere game in my country, it’s a religion. So we never had a problem of forming a cricket team.

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Because between the cousins we always have good numbers for play cricket. So so we have the real fond memories of my childhood. I had no clue then that.

I will be end up in coming to tourism industry but. I always loved traveling, and traveling to him Alan. I did a lot of Tracking’s mountain activities during my college days once.

I saw himalayas hoped. I have to go back over, and again there are many indigenous or tribes we have especially in the central part of India we have mean up very unique they’re very strict vegetarian they do not take even egg. Because they take egg is a form of a life the Holy having worth is holy there’s a festival of colors, and that day.

I won’t be able to recognize with my son. Because we through color each other at all possible colors, and with all possible part of the body yeah, and then yes it comes with two big drumming, and dancing on the streets, it’s like big carnival yeah, it’s called holy holy festivities. I look forward to see you in India my mistake.

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